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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
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V.Chaudoy, F.Tran Van, M.Deschamps, F.Ghamouss
"Ionic liquids in a poly ethylene oxide cross-linked gel polymer as an electrolyte for electrical double layer capacitor"
Journal of Power Sources 342 872-878 2017

L.Lutz, D.Alves Dalla Corte, M.Tang, E.Salager, M.Deschamps, A.Grimaud, L.Johnson, P.Bruce, J.M.Tarascon
"The role of electrolyte anions in the Na-air battery: implications for NaO2 solvation and sodium SEI formation in glyme-ethers"
Chemistry of Materials 29(14) 6066–6075 2017

T.V.Huynh, R.J.Messinger, V.Sarou-Kanian, F.Fayon, R.Bouchet, M.Deschamps
"Restricted lithium ion dynamics in PEO-based block copolymer electrolytes measured by high-field nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation"
Journal of Chemical Physics 147 134902 2017

T.Bamine, E.Boivin, F.Boucher, R.J.Messinger, E.Salager, M.Deschamps, C.Masquelier, L.Croguennec, M.Ménétrier, D.Carlier
"Understanding Local Defects in Li-Ion Battery Electrodes through Combined DFT/NMR Studies: Application to LiVPO4F"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 3219-3227 2017

Sacris Jeru Tambio, Michaël Deschamps, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Aurélien Etiemble, Thierry Douillard, Eric Maire, Bernard Lestriez
"Self-Diffusion of Electrolyte Species in Model Battery Electrodes Using Magic Angle Spinning and Pulsed Field Gradient Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"
Journal of Power Sources 362 315-322 2017
B.Zhang, M.Deschamps, M.R.Ammar, E.Raymundo-Piñero, L.Hennet, D.Batuk, J.-M.Tarascon
"Laser synthesis of hard carbon for anodes in Na-ion battery"
Advanced Materials Technologies 1600227 2017

R.A.Shakhovoy, A.Rakhmatullin, M.Deschamps, V.Sarou-Kanian, and C.Bessada
"Nuclear magnetic resonance study of sulfate reorientations in LiNaSO4"
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 28 176003 2016

M.Tang, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Melin, J-B.Leriche, M.Ménétrier, J-M.Tarascon, M.Deschamps, E.Salager
"Following lithiation fronts in paramagnetic electrodes with in situ magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging"
Nature Communications 7 13284 2016
Z.Černošek, M.Deschamps, V.Nazabal, C.Goncalvez, C.Roiland, J.Holubová, E.Černošková, C.Boussard, B.Bureau
"Structure of arsenic selenide glasses by Raman and 77Se NMR with a multivariate curve resolution approach"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 447 322–328 2016
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M.Deschamps, C.Genevois, S.Cui, C.Roiland, L.Le Pollès, E.Furet, D.Massiot, B.Bureau
"Selenium arsenide glasses structure studied by NMR: selenium chain lengths distributions and the Flory model"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 11852-11857 2015


Better cited papers of M.Deschamps
1 20077815/12/2017 A.L.Rollet, P.Porion, M.Vaultier, I.Billard, M.Deschamps, C.Bessada, L.Jouvensal 'Anomalous Diffusion of Water in [BMIM][TFSI] Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid' Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (41) 11888 -11891 [2007] HyperLink
2 20137503/01/2018 M.Deschamps, E.Gilbert, P.Azais, E.Raymundo-Pinero, M.R.Ammar, P.Simon, D.Massiot, F.Béguin 'Exploring electrolyte organization in supercapacitor electrodes with solid-state NMR' Nature Materials 12 351–358 [2013] HyperLink
3 20115415/12/2017 S.Cadars, G.Layrac, C.Gérardin, M.Deschamps, J.R.Yates, D.Tichit, D.Massiot 'Identification and Quantification of Defects in the Cation Ordering in Mg/Al Layered Double Hydroxides' Chemistry of Materials 23 2821-2831 [2011] HyperLink
4 20114711/10/2017 P.Barpanda, J.N.Chotard, C.Delacourt, M.Reynaud, Y.Filinchuk, M.Armand, M.Deschamps, J.M.Tarascon 'Ionic Liquid Made LiZnSO4F: A New Ceramic Electrolyte Composite for Solid-State Li-Batteries' Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50 2526-2531 [2011] HyperLink
5 20103416/06/2017 D.Massiot, F.Fayon, M.Deschamps, S.Cadars, P.Florian, V.Montouillout, N.Pellerin, J.Hiet, A.Rakhmatullin, C.Bessada 'Detection and use of small J couplings in solid state NMR experiments' Comptes Rendus de Chimie 13 117-129 [2010] HyperLink
6 20063207/09/2017 M.Deschamps, I.D.Campbell 'Cooling overall spin temperature: Protein NMR experiments optimized for longitudinal relaxation effects' Journal of Magnetic Resonance 178 206-211 [2006] HyperLink
7 20093116/06/2017 J.Hiet, M.Deschamps, N.Pellerin, F.Fayon, D.Massiot 'Probing chemical disorder in glasses using silicon-29 NMR spectral editing' Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 6935–6940 [2009] HyperLink
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9 20092920/05/2017 S.K.Lee, M.Deschamps, J.Hiet, D.Massiot, S.Y.Park 'Connectivity and proximity between quadrupolar nuclides in oxide glasses: Insights from through-bond and through-space correlations in solid-state NMR' Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 5162-5167 [2009] HyperLink
10 20082803/01/2018 M.Deschamps, G.Kervern, D.Massiot, G.Pintacuda, L.Emsley, P.J.Grandinetti 'Superadiabaticity in Magnetic Resonance' Journal of Chemical Physics 129 204110 [2008] HyperLink