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HyperLink  David Price

Retired from CEMHTI
was at CEMHTI from 01/01/2000 to 31/12/2014 as 'Research Director'

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Publications DL Price
Postal address:
5 rue Treille Motte Sanguin
45000 Orléans

Publications since 2001:

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L.Hennet, S.Brassamin, D.L.Price, F.Kargl, S.Magazu, H.E.Fischer, J.Kozaily, M.M.Koza, E.Lelièvre-Berna
"Development of an aerodynamic sample levitator for time-of-flight spectrometers"
Vulgarisation ILL news 61 5-6 2014
D.L.Price, F.Fernandez-Alonso
"An introduction to neutron scattering"
Neutron Scattering, 1st Edition - Editors: F. Fernandez-Alonso & D. L. Price, Academic Press 1-136 2013

D.L.Price, L.Fu, F.J.Bermejo, F.Fernandez-Alonso, M.-L.Saboungi
"Hydrogen/deuterium isotope effects in water and aqueous solutions of organic molecules and proteins"
Chemical Physics 424 62-69 2013
B.Aoun, M.A.González, M.Russina, D.L.Price, M.-L.Saboungi
"Dynamics of butyl- and hexyl-methylimidazolium bromide ionic liquids"
Journal of Physical Society of Japan 82 SA002-1-9 2013
A.Bytchkov, G.J.Cuello, S.Kohara, C.J.Benmore, D.L.Price, E.Bychkov
"Unraveling the atomic structure of Ge-rich sulfide glasses"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 8487 - 8494 2013
P.E.Mason, G.W.Neilson, D.L.Price, M-L.Saboungi, J.W.Brady
"A new structural technique for examining ion-neutral association in aqueous solution"
Faraday Discussions 160 161-170 2013
G.Lelong, R.Heyd, G.Charalambopoulou, T.Steriotis, A.Brandt, K.Beck, M.Vayer, D.L.Price, J.W.Brady, M.L.Saboungi
"The Role of Glucose in Enhancing Stability of Aqueous Silica Gels Against Dehydration."
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 9481–9486 2012
L.Hennet, I.Pozdnyakova, A.Bytchkov, J.W.E.Drewitt, J.Kozaily, M.Leydier, S.Brassamin, D.Zanghi, H.E.Fischer, G.N.Greaves, D.L.Price.
"Application of time resolved x-ray diffraction to study the solidification of glass-forming melts."
High Temperatures - High Pressures 40 263-270 2011
L.Hennet, V.Cristiglio, J.Kozaily, I.Pozdnyakova, H.E.Fischer, A.Bytchkov, J.W.E.Drewitt, M.Leydier, D.Thiaudière, S.Gruner, S.Brassamin, D.Zanghi, G.J.Cuello, M.Koza, S.Magazu, G.N.Greaves, D.L.Price
"Aerodynamic levitation and laser heating. Applications at synchrotron and neutron sources."
European Physical Journal Special Topics 196 151–165 2011
A.Bytchkov, M.Miloshova, E.Bychkov, S.Kohara, L.Hennet, D.L.Price
"Intermediate- and short-range order in phosphorus-selenium glasses"
Physical Review B 83 144201 2011

Better cited papers of D.L.Price
1 20036027/03/2014 S.Sampath, C.J.Benmore, K.M.Lantzky, J.Neuefeind, K.Leinenweber, D.L.Price, J.L.Yarger 'Intermediate-range order in permanently densified GeO2 glass' Physical Review Letters 90 115502 [2003] HyperLink
2 20035409/08/2015 N.Jakse, S.Krishnan, E.Artacho, T.Key, L.Hennet, B.Glorieux, A.Pasturel, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi 'Structural changes on supercooling liquid silicon' Applied Physics Letters 83 4734 [2003] HyperLink
3 20035009/08/2015 H.Sinn, B.Glorieux, L.Hennet, A.Alatas, M.Hu, E.E.Alp, F.J.Bermejo, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi 'Microscopic Dynamics of Liquid Aluminum Oxide' Science 299 2047-2049 [2003] HyperLink
4 20063630/10/2015 J.Brillo, A.Bytchkov, I.Egry, L.Hennet, G.Mathiak, I.Pozdnyakova, D.L.Price, D.Thiaudière, D.Zanghi 'Local Structure in Liquid Binary Al-Cu and Al-Ni Alloys' Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 352 4008-4012 [2006] HyperLink
5 20063415/11/2015 L.Hennet, I.Pozdnyakova, A.Bytchkov, V.Cristiglio, P.Palleau, H.Fischer, G.J.Cuello, M.Johnson, P.Melin , D.Zanghi , S.Brassamin , J.F.Brun, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi 'Levitation apparatus for neutron diffraction investigations on high temperature liquids' Review of Scientific Instruments 77 053903 [2006] HyperLink
6 20013330/10/2015 F.Fayon, D.Massiot, K.Suzuya, D.L.Price '31P study of magnesium phosphate glasses' Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 283 88-94 [2001] HyperLink
7 20022223/01/2015 L.Hennet, D.Thiaudière, M.Gailhanou, C.Landron, J.P.Coutures , D.L.Price 'Fast x-ray scattering measurements on molten alumina using a 120° curved position sensitive detector.' Review of Scientific Instruments 73 124-129 [2002] HyperLink