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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2
fax : +33 (0) 238 63 81 03
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 78 84
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Q.Benito, I.Maurin, M.Poggi, C.Martineau, T.Gacoin, J.-P.Boilot, S.Perruchas
"Impact of crystalline packing on the mechanochromic luminescence properties of copper based compounds: towards functional coatings"
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 11231-11237 2016
P.-J.Goossens, C.Martineau, F.Saïdi, J.A.Martens, F.Taulelle
"Unlocking the Observation of Different Proton Populations in Fluorinated Polymers by Solid-state 1H and 19F Double Resonance NMR Spectroscopy"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 28726-28731 2016
Maria B.Mesch, Kilian Bärwinkel, Yaşar Krysiak, Charlotte Martineau, Francis Taulelle, Reinhard B.Neder, Ute Kolb, Jürgen Senker
"Solving the Hydrogen and Lithium Substructure of Poly (Triazine Imide)/LiCl Using NMR Crystallography"
Chemistry-A European Journal 22 16878-16890 2016
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C.Martineau, M.Allix, M.R.Suchomel, F.Porcher, F.Vivet, C.Legein, M.Body, D.Massiot, F.Taulelle, F.Fayon
"Structure determination of Ba5AlF13 by coupling electron, synchrotron and neutron powder diffraction, solid-state NMR and ab initio calculations"
Dalton Transactions 45 15565-15574 2016

C.Vieira Soares, D.Damasceno Borges, A.D.Wiersum, C.Martineau, F.Nouar, P.L.Llewellyn, N.A.Ramsahye, C.Serre, G.Maurin, A.Amaral Leitão
"Adsorption of Small Molecules in the Porous Zirconium-Based Metal Organic Framework MIL-140A(Zr): A Joint Computational-Experimental Approach"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 7192-7200 2016
H.Assi, L.C.Pardo Pérez, G.Mouchaham, F.Ragon, M.Nasalevich, N.Guillou, C.Martineau, H.Chevreau, F.Kapteijn, J.Gascon, P.Fertey, E.Elkaim, C.Serre, T.Devic
"Investigating the case of Ti(IV) carboxyphenolates photoactive coordination polymers"
Inorganic Chemistry 55 7192-7199 2016
Fadila Saidi, Francis Taulelle, Charlotte Martineau
"Quantitative 13C solid-state NMR spectra by multiple-contact CP for drug delivery: from active principles to excipients and drug carriers"
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 105 2397–2401 2016
B.Bueken, F.Vermoortele, M.J Cliffe, M.T.Wharmby, D.Foucher, J.Wieme, L.Vanduyfhuys, C.Martineau, N.Stock , F.Taulelle, V.Van Speybroeck, A.L.Goodwin, D.De Vos
"A Breathing Zirconium Metal-Organic Framework with Reversible Loss of Crystallinity by Correlated Nanodomain Formation"
Chemistry-A European Journal 22 3264-3267 2016
S.Radhakrishnan, P.-J.Goossens, P.Magusin, S.Sree, C.Detavernier, E.Breynaert, C.Martineau, F.Taulelle, J.A.Martens
"In situ Solid-state 13C NMR Observation of Pore Mouth Catalysis in Etherification of β-Citronellene with Ethanol on Zeolite Beta"
Journal of American Chemical Society 138 2802-2808 2016

M.Haouas, F.Taulelle, C.Martineau
"ecent advances in application of 27Al NMR spectroscopy to materials science"
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 94-95 11-36 2016

Better cited papers of C.Martineau
1 20083224/12/2015 D.Dambournet, A.Demourgues, C.Martineau, S.Pechev, J.Lhoste, J.Majimel, A.Vimont, J.C.Lavalley, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon, A.Tressaud 'Nanostructured Aluminium Hydroxyfluorides Derived from beta-AlF3' Chemistry of Materials 20 1459-1469 [2008] HyperLink
2 20112610/02/2016 C.Martineau, F.Fayon, M.R.Suchomel, M.Allix, D.Massiot, F.Taulelle 'Structure Resolution of Ba5Al3F19 and Investigation of Fluorine Ion Dynamics by Synchrotron Powder Diffraction, Variable Temperature Solid-State NMR and Quantum Computation' Inorganic Chemistry 50 2644–2653 [2011] HyperLink
3 20082624/12/2015 D.Dambournet, A.Demourgues, C.Martineau, E.Durand, J.Majimel, A.Vimont, H.Leclerc, J.C.Lavalley, M.Daturi, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon, A.Tressaud 'Structural investigations and acidic properties of high surface area pyrochlore aluminium hydroxyfluorid' Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 2483-2492 [2008] HyperLink
4 20072501/05/2015 C.Martineau, F.Fayon, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, G.Silly, D.Massiot 'Accurate Heteronuclear J-Coupling Measurements in Dilute Spin Systems using the multiple-quantum filtered J-resolved experiment' Chemical Communications 2720-2722 [2007] HyperLink
5 20092413/04/2015 C.Martineau, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon 'On the assignment of 19F MAS NMR spectra of fluoroaluminates using through-space spectral edition of 19F-27Al and 19F-19F connectivities' Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 950-957 [2009] HyperLink
6 20082420/06/2016 C.Martineau, F.Fayon, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, M.Body, D.Massiot, F.Goutenoire 'Structure determination of β-Pb2ZnF6 by coupling multinuclear solid state NMR, powder XRD and ab initio calculations' Dalton Transactions 44 6150–6158 [2008] HyperLink
7 20062310/02/2016 C.Legein, F.Fayon, C.Martineau, M.Body, J.Y.Buzaré, D.Massiot, E.Durand, A.Tressaud, A.Demourgues, O.Perron, B.Boulard '19F High Magnetic Field NMR Study of β-ZrF4 and CeF4: from Spectra Reconstruction to Correlation between Fluorine Sites and 19F Isotropic Chemical Shifts' Inorganic Chemistry 45 10636-10641 [2006] HyperLink