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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
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CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2
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"NMR Crystallography: a tool for the characterization of microporous hybrid solids"
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 2018
J.Albalad, H.Xu, F.Gándara, M.Haouas, C.Martineau-Corcos, R.Mas-Ballesté, S, A.Barnett, J.Juanhuix, I.Imaz, D.Maspoch
"Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Post-Synthetic Modification of a Metal-Organic Framework via Ozonolysis"
Journal of American Chemical Society 2018
F.J.Goncalves, F.Kamal, A.Gaucher, R.Gil, F.Bourdreux, C.Martineau-Corcos, L.V.A.Gurgel, L.F.Gil, D.Prim
"Synthesis, characterisation and application of pyridine-modified chitosan derivatives for the first non-racemic Cu-catalysed Henry reaction"
Carbohydrate Polymers 181 1206-1212 2018
M.Benzaqui, R.S.Pillai, A.Sabetghadam, V.Benoit, P.Normand, J.Marrot, N.Menguy, D.Montero, W.Shepard, A.Tissot, C.Martineau-Corcos, C.Sicard, M.Mihaylov, F.Carn, I.Beurroeis, P.L.Llewellyn, G.De Weireld, K.Hadjiivanov, J.Gascon, F.Kapteijn, G.Maurin, N.Steunou, C.Serre
"Revisiting the Aluminum Trimesate-based MOF (MIL-96): from Structure Determination to the Processing of Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 Capture."
Chemistry of Materials 29 10326-10338 2017
A.Robba, A.Vizintin, J.Bitenc, G.Mali, I.Arčon, M.Kavčič, M.Žitnik, K.Bučar, G.Aquilanti, C.Martineau-Corcos, A.Randon-Vitanova, R.Dominko
"A Mechanistic Study of Magnesium Sulfur Batteries"
Chemistry of Materials 29 9555-9564 2017
A.Cadiau, Y.Belmabkhout, K.Adil, P.M.Bhatt, R.S.Pillai, C.Martineau-Corcos, A.Shkurenko, G.Maurin, M.Eddaoudi
"Hydrolytically stable fluorinated Metal Organic Frameworks for energy-efficient dehydration of gases and vapors"
Science 356 731-735 2017
B.Huitorel, H.El-Moll, M.Cordier, A.Fargues, A.Garcia, F.Massuyeau, C.Martineau-Corcos, T.Gacoin, S.Perruchas
"Luminescence Mechanochromism induced by Cluster Isomerization"
Inorganic Chemistry 56 12379-12388 2017

Charlotte Martineau-Corcos, Jiri Dedecek, Francis Taulelle
"27Al-27Al double-quantum single-quantum MAS NMR: applications to the structural characterization of microporous materials"
Solid State NMR 84 65-72 2017
M.Haouas, J.Trébosc, C.Roch-Marchal, E.Cadot, F.Taulelle, C.Martineau-Corcos
"High-field 95Mo and 183W static and MAS NMR study of polyoxometalates"
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 55 902-908 2017
Sam Smet, Steven Vandenbrande, Pieter Verlooy, Stef Kerkhofs, Eric Breynaert, Christine E.A.Kirschhock, Charlotte Martineau-Corcos, Francis Taulelle, Veronique Van Speybroeck, Johan A.Martens
"Alternating Copolymer of Double Four Ring Silicate and Dimethyl Silicone Monomer – PSS-1"
Chemistry-A European Journal 23 11286-11293 2017

Better cited papers of C.Martineau
1 20083911/10/2017 D.Dambournet, A.Demourgues, C.Martineau, S.Pechev, J.Lhoste, J.Majimel, A.Vimont, J.C.Lavalley, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon, A.Tressaud 'Nanostructured Aluminium Hydroxyfluorides Derived from beta-AlF3' Chemistry of Materials 20 1459-1469 [2008] HyperLink
2 20083324/08/2017 D.Dambournet, A.Demourgues, C.Martineau, E.Durand, J.Majimel, A.Vimont, H.Leclerc, J.C.Lavalley, M.Daturi, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon, A.Tressaud 'Structural investigations and acidic properties of high surface area pyrochlore aluminium hydroxyfluorid' Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 2483-2492 [2008] HyperLink
3 20113029/01/2018 C.Martineau, F.Fayon, M.R.Suchomel, M.Allix, D.Massiot, F.Taulelle 'Structure Resolution of Ba5Al3F19 and Investigation of Fluorine Ion Dynamics by Synchrotron Powder Diffraction, Variable Temperature Solid-State NMR and Quantum Computation' Inorganic Chemistry 50 2644–2653 [2011] HyperLink
4 20092729/01/2018 C.Martineau, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon 'On the assignment of 19F MAS NMR spectra of fluoroaluminates using through-space spectral edition of 19F-27Al and 19F-19F connectivities' Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 950-957 [2009] HyperLink
5 20062620/05/2017 C.Legein, F.Fayon, C.Martineau, M.Body, J.Y.Buzaré, D.Massiot, E.Durand, A.Tressaud, A.Demourgues, O.Perron, B.Boulard '19F High Magnetic Field NMR Study of β-ZrF4 and CeF4: from Spectra Reconstruction to Correlation between Fluorine Sites and 19F Isotropic Chemical Shifts' Inorganic Chemistry 45 10636-10641 [2006] HyperLink
6 20082520/05/2017 C.Martineau, F.Fayon, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, M.Body, D.Massiot, F.Goutenoire 'Structure determination of β-Pb2ZnF6 by coupling multinuclear solid state NMR, powder XRD and ab initio calculations' Dalton Transactions 44 6150–6158 [2008] HyperLink
7 20072501/05/2015 C.Martineau, F.Fayon, C.Legein, J.Y.Buzaré, G.Silly, D.Massiot 'Accurate Heteronuclear J-Coupling Measurements in Dilute Spin Systems using the multiple-quantum filtered J-resolved experiment' Chemical Communications 2720-2722 [2007] HyperLink
8 20062324/08/2017 C.Martineau, M.Body, C.Legein, G.Silly, J.Y.Buzaré, F.Fayon 'Multinuclear High Resolution NMR study of compounds from the ternary system NaF-CaF2-AlF3: from determination to modeling of NMR parameters' Inorganic Chemistry 45 10215-10223 [2006] HyperLink