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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2
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A.Rakhmatullin, I.Polovov, D.Maltsev, M.Allix, V.Volkovich, A.Chukin, M.Boca, C.Bessada
"A combined approach for the structural characterization of alkali fluoroscandates: solid state NMR, powder diffraction and DFT calculations"
Inorganic Chemistry accepted 2018

A.Ulyankina, I.Leontyev, O.Maslova, M.Allix, A.Rakhmatullin, N.Nevzorova, R.Valeev, G.Yalovega, N.Smirnova
"Copper oxides for energy storage application: Novel pulse alternating current synthesis"
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 73 111-116 2018
K.Novikova, A.Kuriganova, I.Leontyev, E.Gerasimova, O.Maslova, A.Rakhmatullin, N.Smirnova, Y.Dobrovolsky
"Influence of Carbon Support on Catalytic Layer Performance of Proton Exchange"
Electrocatalysis 9 1-9 2017
M.Kontrík, F.Šimko, D.Galusková, M.Nosko, V.Bizovská, M.Hičák, D.Galusek, A.Rakhmatullin, M.Korenko
"A corrosion mechanism of titanium diboride in KF−AlF3−Al2O3 melt"
Journal of the European Ceramic Society accepted 2017
F.Simko, A.Rakhmatullin, P.Florian, M.Kontrík, M.Korenko, Z.Netriová, V.Danielik, C.Bessada
"(Oxo)(Fluoro)‒Aluminates in KF‒Al2O3 System: Thermal Stability and Structural Correlation"
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (21) 13349–13359 2017

A.B.Kuriganova, I.N.Leontyev, A.S.Alexandrin, O.A.Maslova, A.Rakhmatullin, Nina V.Smirnova
"Electrochemically synthesized Pt/ TiO2-C catalysts for direct methanol fuel cell applications"
Mendeleev Communications 27 67-69 2017
I.N.Leontyev, A.A.Kulbakov, M.Allix, A.Rakhmatullin, A.B.Kuriganova, O.A.Maslova, and N.V.Smirnova
"Thermal expansion coefficient of carbon-supported Pt nanoparticles: In-situ X-ray diffraction study"
Physica Status Solidi B 1-4 2017
R.Nemausat, C.Gervais , C.Brouder , N.Trcera, A.Bordage, C.Coelho, P.Florian, A.Rakhmatullin, I.Errea, L.Paulatto, M.Lazzeri, D.Cabaret
"Temperature dependence of x-ray absorption and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra: probing quantum vibrations of light element in oxides"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 6246-6256 2017
R.A.Shakhovoy, A.Rakhmatullin, M.Deschamps, V.Sarou-Kanian, and C.Bessada
"Nuclear magnetic resonance study of sulfate reorientations in LiNaSO4"
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 28 176003 2016

A.B.Santibáñez-Mendieta, C.Didier, K.K.Inglis, A.J.Corkett, M.J.Pitcher, M.Zanella, J.F.Shin, L.M.Daniels, A.Rakhmatullin, M.Li, M.S.Dyer, J.B.Claridge, F.Blanc, and M.J.Rosseinsky
"La3Li3W2O12: Ionic Diffusion in a Perovskite with Lithium on Both A- and B-Sites"
Chemistry of Materials 28 7833–7851 2016

Better cited papers of A.Rakhmatullin
1 200014511/03/2011 K.Binnemans, Y.G.Galyametdinov, R.Van Deun, D.W.Bruce, S.R.Collinson, A.P.Polishchuk, I.Bikchantaev, W.Haase, A.V.Prosvirin, L.Tinchurina, I.Litvinov, A.Gubajdullin, A.Rakhmatullin, K.Uytterhoeven, L.Van Meervelt 'Rare-Earth-Containing Magnetic Liquid Crystals' Journal of American Chemical Society 122 4335-4344 [2000] HyperLink
2 20126015/12/2017 S.Guillot, A.Faik, A.Rakhmatullin, J.Lambert, E.Véron, P.Echegut, C.Bessada, N.Calvet, X.Py 'Corrosion effect between molten salts and thermal storage material for concentrated solar power plants' Applied Energy 94 174-181 [2012] HyperLink
3 20014511/03/2011 Y.G.Galyametdinov, W.Haase, L.Malykhina, A.Prosvirin, I.Bikchantaev, A.Rakhmatullin, K.Binnemans 'Synthesis, mesomorphism, and unusual magnetic behaviour of lanthanide complexes with perfluorinated counterions.' Chemistry - a European Journal 7 99-105 [2001] HyperLink
4 20093715/12/2017 C.Bessada, A.Rakhmatullin, A.L.Rollet, D.Zanghi 'High temperature NMR approach of mixtures of rare earth and alkali fluorides : an insight into the local structure' Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 130 45-52 [2009] HyperLink
5 20073511/10/2017 C.Bessada, A.Rakhmatullin, A.L.Rollet, D.Zanghi 'lanthanide and actinide speciation in molten fluorides : a structural approach by NMR and EXAFS spectroscopies' Journal of Nuclear Materials 360 43-48 [2007] HyperLink
6 20103416/06/2017 D.Massiot, F.Fayon, M.Deschamps, S.Cadars, P.Florian, V.Montouillout, N.Pellerin, J.Hiet, A.Rakhmatullin, C.Bessada 'Detection and use of small J couplings in solid state NMR experiments' Comptes Rendus de Chimie 13 117-129 [2010] HyperLink
7 20072920/06/2016 F.D.Sokolov, M.G.Babashkina, D.A.Safin, A.Rakhmatullin, F.Fayon, N.G.Zabirov, M.Bolte, V.V.Brusko, J.Galezowska, H.Kozlowski 'Complexes of N-thiophosphorylthioureas (HL) with copper(I). Crystal structures of [Cu3L3] and [Cu(PPh3)2L] chelates.' Dalton Transactions 4693–4700 [2007] HyperLink
8 20042710/02/2016 A.L.Rollet, C.Bessada, A.Rakhmatullin, Y.Auger, P.Melin, M.Gailhanou, D.Thiaudière 'In situ high temperature NMR and EXAFS experiments in lanthanide fluoride molten salts' Comptes Rendus de Chimie 7 1135-1140 [2004] HyperLink
9 20082615/11/2017 D.Hudry, I.Bardez, A.Rakhmatullin, C.Bessada, F.Bart, S.Jobic, P.Deniard 'Synthesis of rare earth phosphates in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic: Application to preliminary treatment of chlorinated waste streams containing fission products' Journal of Nuclear Materials 381 284-289 [2008] HyperLink
10 20092520/06/2016 F.D.Sokolov, M.G.Babashkina, F.Fayon, A.Rakhmatullin, D.A.Safin, T.Pape, F.E.Hahn 'Novel Bicyclic Hexanuclear Copper(I) Aggregate. Structure and Solid State 31P CPMAS NMR Spectra of [(Cu3L3)2] and [Cu(PPh3)2L] Complexes of N-(diisopropoxythiophosphinyl)-N'-phenylthiourea (HL)' Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 694 167-172 [2009] HyperLink