Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Vincent Sarou-Kanian
Ingénieur de Recherche
Adresse - Direction
Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2 - FRANCE
fax : +33 (0) 238 63 81 03
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 76 82
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As a research engineer in the team "Materials and Resonance: Conception, Caracterization and Applications" and member of the NMR platform, my job is focused on instrumental and methodological developments, users support notably in the research infrastructure Magnetic Nuclear Resonance, Very High Fields, and the maintenance of the facilities.

Some exemples of instrumental and methodological developments:

High Temperature NMR probes ()


in situ /operando electrochemical cells for the study of materials for energy storage by NMR and MRI



Methodology of magnetic resonance imaging of solids
  • Also:
    • imaging setup for porous materials
    • low temperature NMR (-150°C)

  • Publication list

    40 ACL , 8 ACLN , 1 These / Group by  
    Pierre Florian, Alexey Novikov, James Drewitt, Louis Hennet, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Dominique Massiot, Henry Fischer, Daniel R.Neuville
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    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics ASAP 2018

    Florian Forato, Anouar Belhboub, Julien Monot, Marc Petit, Roland Benoit, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Franck Fayon, Denis Jacquemin, Clémence Queffelec, Bruno Bujoli
    "Phosphonate-mediated immobilization of rhodium/bipyridine hydrogenation catalysts"
    Chemistry-A European Journal 24 2457–2465 2018
    doi HAL 
    Eddy Dib, Tzonka Mineva, Emmanuel Veron, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Franck Fayon, Bruno Alonso
    "ZSM-5 Zeolite: Complete Al Bond Connectivity and Implications on Structure Formation from Solid-State NMR and Quantum Chemistry Calculations"
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 19-24 2018

    doi HAL 
    Kelly Machado, Didier Zanghi, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Sylvian Cadars, Mario Burbano, Mathieu Salanne, Catherine Bessada
    "Study of NaF–AlF3 Melts by Coupling Molecular Dynamics, Density Functional Theory, and NMR Measurements"
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 10289–10297 2017

    C.Bessada, D.Zanghi, O.Pauvert, L.Maksoud, A.Gil-Martin, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Melin, S.Brassamin, A.Nezu, H.Matsuura
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    Journal of Nuclear Materials 494 192-199 2017
    doi HAL 
    Sacris Jeru Tambio, Michaël Deschamps, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Aurélien Etiemble, Thierry Douillard, Eric Maire, Bernard Lestriez
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    Journal of Power Sources 362 315-322 2017
    doi HAL 
    Eddy Dib, Tzonka Mineva, Philippe Gaveau, Emmanuel Véron, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Franck Fayon, Bruno Alonso
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    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 15831–15841 2017

    T.V.Huynh, R.J.Messinger, V.Sarou-Kanian, F.Fayon, R.Bouchet, M.Deschamps
    "Restricted lithium ion dynamics in PEO-based block copolymer electrolytes measured by high-field nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation"
    Journal of Chemical Physics 147 134902 2017

    doi HAL 
    Maxime Yon, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Ulrich Scheler, Jean-Michel Bouler, Bruno Bujoli, Dominique Massiot, Franck Fayon
    "Solid-state 31P and 1H chemical MR micro-imaging of hard tissues and biomaterials with magic angle spinning at very high magnetic field"
    Scientific Reports 7 8224 2017

    doi HAL 
    L.Baggetto, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Florian, A.Gleizes, D.Massiot, C.Vahlas
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    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 8101-8110 2017