Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Matériaux pour le Nucléaire : Comportement sous Irradiation
Nuclear Materials

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2018 S.Hasanzadeh, R.Schaublin, B.Decamps, V.Rousson, E.Autissier, M.F.Barthe, C.Hebert
'Three-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy of dislocation loops in tungsten'
Micron 113 24-33 (2018) doi:10.1016/j.micron.2018.05.010

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R.Mohun, L.Desgranges, C.Jégou, B.Boizot, O.Cavani, A.Canizarès, F.Duval, C.He, P.Desgardin, M.F.Barthe and P.Simon
"Quantification of irradiation-induced defects in UO2 using Raman and Positron annihilation spectroscopies Acta Materialia"
Acta Materialia 0 0 in press

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S.Hasanzadeh, R.Schaublin, B.Decamps, V.Rousson, E.Autissier, M.F.Barthe, C.Hebert
"Three-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy of dislocation loops in tungsten"
Micron 113 24-33 2018


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J.Chen, F.Duval, P.Jung, R.Schäublin, N.Gao, M.F.Barthe
"Dislocation loops in ultra-high purity Fe(Cr) alloys after 7.2 MeV proton irradiation"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 503 81-90 2018

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I.Villacampa, J.C.Chen, P.Spätig, H.P.Seifert, F.Duval
"Helium bubble evolution and hardening in 316L by post implantation annealing"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 500 389-402 2018

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E.Bernard, R.Sakamoto, A.Kreter, M.F.Barthe, E.Autissier, P.Desgardin, H.Yamada, S.Garcia-Argote, G.Pieters, J.Chêne
"Tungsten as a plasma-facing material in fusion devices: impact of helium high-temperature irradiation on hydrogen retention and damages in the material"
Physica Scripta 2017 T170 2017

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E.A.Hodille, F.Ghiorghiu, Y.Addab, A.Založnik, M.Minissale, Z.Piazza, C.Martin, T.Angot, L.Gallais, M.-F.Barthe
"Retention and release of hydrogen isotopes in tungsten plasma-facing components: the role of grain boundaries and the native oxide layer from a joint experiment-simulation integrated approach"
Nuclear Fusion 57 076019 2017

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J.Herault, F.Duval, M.Le Bars
"Mass transport induced by a jet impinging on a density interface: The role of interfacial wave breaking"
Europhysics Letters 117 64003 2017

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N.Jaber, J.Wolfman, C.Daumont, B.Negulescu, A.Ruyter, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, H.Bouyanfif, J.L.Longuet, C.Autret-Lambert, F.Gervais
"Laser fluence and spot size effect on compositional and structural properties of BiFeO 3 thin films grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition"
Thin Solid Films 634 107-111 2017

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Lucile Pentecoste, Anne-Lise Thomann, Pascal Brault, Thomas Lecas, Pierre Desgardin, Thierry Sauvage, Marie-France Barthe
"Substrate temperature and ion kinetic energy effects on first steps of He + implantation in tungsten: experiments and simulations"
Acta Materialia 141 47-58 2017

M Alemany, A Chabli, E Oudot, F Pierre, P Desgardin, F Bertin, M Gros-Jean and M F Barthe
"Investigation of point defects in HfO2 using positron annihilation spectroscopy: internal electric fields impact"
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 791 012019 2017