Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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RMN Haute Résolution Solide et Haute Température
High Resolution Solid State and High Temperature NMR

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2017 S.Gaboreau, D.Prêt, V.Montouillout, P.Henocq, J.-C.Robinet, C.Tournassat
'Quantitative mineralogical mapping of hydrated low pH concrete'
Cement and Concrete Composites 83 360-373 (2017) doi:10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2017.08.003


TGIR RMN THC Federation TGIR-RMN Tres Hauts Champs - FR3050
Acces aux spectrometres 750 et 850 MHz
dmfit editnmr Dmfit and EditNMR programs

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T.Charpentier, K.Okhotnikov, A.N.Novikov, L.Hennet, H.E.Fischer, D.R.Neuville, P.Florian
"Structure of Strontium Aluminosilicate Glasses from Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Neutron Diffraction and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies"
Journal of Physical Chemistry B ASAP in press


Aydar Rakhmatullin, Kelly Machado, Didier Zanghi, Ilya B.Polovov, Rinat Bakirov, Konstantin V.Maksimtsev, and Catherine Bessada
"Study of NaF-ScF3 system as molten bath for production of Sc alloys: a combination of NMR and Molecular Dynamics simulations"
Journal of Alloys and Compounds Submitted 2019

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H.Assi, M.Haouas, G.Mouchaham, C.Martineau-Corcos, C.Allain, G.Clavier, N.Guillou, C.Serre, T.Devic
"MgTi(cat)3, a promising precursor for the preparation of Ti-MOFs?"
Polyhedron 156 111-115 2018

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S.Perruchas, Q.Benito, H.El-Moll, C.Balogh, T.Gacoin, M.Cordier, A.Rakhmatullin, C.Latouche, C.Martineau-Corcos
"Luminescence Vapochromism of a Dynamic Copper Iodide Mesocate"
Chemistry-A European Journal accepted 2018

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Victor Piovesan, Isabelle Bardez-Giboire, Maxime Fournier, Pierre Frugier, Patrick Jollivet, Valérie Montouillout, Nadia Pellerin, Stéphane Gin
"Chemical durability of peraluminous glasses for nuclear waste conditioning"
npj Materials Degradation 2018

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Ilef Borghol, Clémence Queffelec, Patricia Bolle, Julie Descamps, Christophe Lombard, Olivier Lepine, Delphine Kucma, Chantal Lorentz, Dorothée Laurenti, Valérie Montouillout, Emmanuel Chailleux and Bruno Bujoli
"Biosourced analogs of elastomer modified bitumen through hydrothermal liquefaction of Spirulina Sp. microalgae residues"
Green Chemistry 20 2337-2344 2018


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H.Goure-Doubi, V.Montouillout, G.L.Lecomte-Nana, B.Naît-Ali1, L.Koffi Konan and A.Smith
"29Si and 27Al MAS NMR Characterization of the Structural Evolution of a Lateritic Clay under Acidic and Alkaline Treatments"
Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering 7(1) 2018


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A.A.Kulbakov, A.B.Kuriganova, M.Allix, A.Rakhmatullin, N.V.Smirnova, O.A.Maslova, I.N.Leontyev
"Non-isothermal decomposition of platinum acetylacetonate as a new cost-efficient and Size-Controlled Synthesis of Pt/C nanoparticles"
Catalysis Communications 117 14-18 2018


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A.Rakhmatullin, I.Polovov, D.Maltsev, M.Allix, V.Volkovich, A.Chukin, M.Boca, C.Bessada
"A combined approach for the structural characterization of alkali fluoroscandates: solid state NMR, powder diffraction and DFT calculations"
Inorganic Chemistry 57 1184–1195 2018


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F.Deschenes-Allard, C.Robelin, D.Zanghi, S.Bouvet, S.Ory, E.Veron, K.Machado, C.Bessada, P.Chartrand
"Experimental and thermodynamic Assessment of the fluoride-rich region in the Cu-O-F system."
Thermochimica Acta 663 194-214 2018