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R.Mohun, L.Desgranges, P.Simon, A.Canizarès, N.Raimboux, R.Omnee, C.Jegou, S.Miro
"Irradiation defects in UO2 leached in oxidizing water"
Procedia Chemistry 21 326-333 2016

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A.Costagliola, L.Venault, A.Deroche, G.Garaix, J.Vermeulen, R.Omnee, F.Duval, G.Blain, J.Vandenborre, M.Fattahi-Vanani, N.Vigier
"Radiation chemical behavior of aqueous butanal oxime solutions irradiated with helium ion beams"
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 119 186-193 2016

doi HAL 
D.C.Sergentu, D.Teze, A.Sabatié-Gogova, C.Alliot, N.Guo, F.Bassal, I.Da Silva, D.Deniaud, R.Maurice, J.Champion, N.Galland, G.Montavon
"Advances on the Determination of the Astatine Pourbaix Diagram: Predomination of AtO(OH)2− over At− in Basic Conditions"
Chemistry-A European Journal 22 2964-2971 2016

doi HAL 
L.Pentecoste, P.Brault, A.L.Thomann, P.Desgardin, T.Lecas, T.Belhabib, M.F.Barthe, T.Sauvage
"Low energy and low fluence helium implantations in tungsten: Molecular dynamics simulations and experiments"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 470 44-54 2016

R.Mohun, L.Desgranges, J.Léchelle, P.Simon, G.Guimbretière, A.Canizarès, F.Duval, C.Jegou, M.Magnin, N.Clavier, N.Dacheux, C.Valot, R.Vauchy
"Charged defects during alpha-irradiation of actinide oxides as revealed by Raman and luminescence spectroscopy"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 374 67-70 2016

G.Garaix, L.Venault, A.Costagliola, J.Maurin, M.Guigue, R.Omnee, G.Blain, J.Vandenborre, M.Fattahi, N.Vigier, P.Moisy
"Alpha radiolysis of nitric acid and sodium nitrate with He-4(2+) beam of 13.5 MeV energy"
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 106 394-403 2015

G.Guimbretière, L.Desgranges, C.Jegou, A.Canizarès, P.Simon, R.Caraballo, N.Raimboux, M.F.Barthe, M.R.Ammar, O.A.Maslova, F.Duval, R.Omnée
"Characterization of Nuclear Materials in extreme conditions: Raman spectroscopy approach"
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 61 2045-2051 2014

doi HAL 
A.Bousquet, F.Zoubian, J.Cellier, C.Taviot-Gueho, T.Sauvage, E.Tomasella
"Structural and ellipsometric study on tailored optical properties of tantalum oxynitride films deposited by reactive sputtering"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 475201 2014

H.Rajerisona, F.Guérard, M.Mougin-Degraefa, M.Bourgeois, I.Da Silva, M.Chérel, J.Barbet, A.Faivre-Chauvet, J.F.Gestin
"Radioiodinated and astatinated NHC rhodium complexes: Synthesis"
Nuclear Medicine and Biology 41 e23-e29 2014

doi HAL 
A.Bousquet, F.Zoubian, J.Cellier, T.Sauvage, E.Tomasella
"Control the Composition of Tantalum Oxynitride Films by Sputtering a Tantalum Target in Ar/O2/N2 Radiofrequency Magnetron Plasmas"
Plasma processes & polymers 10 990-998 2013
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