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Ordre et Désordre dans les Matériaux : Approche RMN
Order and Desorder in Materials : an NMR Approach

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2016 Victor Piovesan
Relations composition – structure – propriétés des verres peralumineux pour le conditionnement des déchets nucléaires
These 03-11-2016 (2016) [view,HAL]

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Myriam Le Ferrec, Thomas Le Corroller, Daphné Guenoun, Charlotte Mellier, Florian Boukhechba, Franck Fayon, Valérie Montouillout, Christelle Despas, Alain Walcarius, Dominique Massiot, François-Xavier Lefèvre, Caroline Robic, Jean-Michel Bouler and Bruno Bujoli
"Design and properties of a novel radiopaque injectable apatitic calcium phosphate cement, suitable for image-guided implantation"
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B - Applied Biomaterials in press

A.J.Fernández-Carrión, K.Al-Saghir, E.Veron, A.I.Becerro, F.Porcher, W.Wisniewski, G.Matzen, F.Fayon, M.Allix
"Local Disorder and Tuneable Luminescence in New Sr1-x/2Al2- xSixO4 (x = 0.2, 0.4 and 0.5) Transparent Ceramics"
Inorganic Chemistry in press

M.Benzaqui, R.S.Pillai, A.Sabetghadam, V.Benoit, P.Normand, J.Marrot, N.Menguy, D.Montero, W.Shepard, A.Tissot, C.Martineau-Corcos, C.Sicard, M.Mihaylov, F.Carn, I.Beurroeis, P.L.Llewellyn, G.De Weireld, K.Hadjiivanov, J.Gascon, F.Kapteijn, G.Maurin, N.Steunou, C.Serre
"Revisiting the Aluminum Trimesate-based MOF (MIL-96): from Structure Determination to the Processing of Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 Capture."
Chemistry of Materials in press

O.Véron, J.P.Blondeau, M.Grabiec, A.Wolak, K.Dzierzega, N.Ollier, F.Goutaland, M.Cherif Sow, S.Pellerin, N.Pellerin
"Material kinetics of interaction between pulsed nanosecond laser and silver exchanged silicate glass during lower exposure Fluence, optical absorption correlated to morphological investigations"
Plasmonics inp in press

E.Balan, J.Noireaux, V.Mavromatis, G.Saldi, V.Montouillout, M.Blanchard, F.Pietrucci, C.Gervais, J.R Rustad, J.Schott, J.Gaillardet
"Theoretical isotopic fractionation between structural boron in carbonates and aqueous boric acid and borate ion"
Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta 222 117 2018

A.Robba, A.Vizintin, J.Bitenc, G.Mali, I.Arčon, M.Kavčič, M.Žitnik, K.Bučar, G.Aquilanti, C.Martineau-Corcos, A.Randon-Vitanova, R.Dominko
"A Mechanistic Study of Magnesium Sulfur Batteries"
Chemistry of Materials 29 9555-9564 2017

A.Cadiau, Y.Belmabkhout, K.Adil, P.M.Bhatt, R.S.Pillai, C.Martineau-Corcos, A.Shkurenko, G.Maurin, M.Eddaoudi
"Hydrolytically stable fluorinated Metal Organic Frameworks for energy-efficient dehydration of gases and vapors"
Science 356 731-735 2017

Charlotte Mellier, François-Xavier Lefèvre, Franck Fayon, Valérie Montouillout, Christelle Despas, Myriam Le Ferrec, Florian Boukhechba, Alain Walcarius, Pascal Janvier, Maeva Dutilleul, Olivier Gauthier, Jean-Michel Bouler and Bruno Bujoli
"A straightforward approach to enhance the textural, mechanical and biological properties of injectable calcium phosphate apatitic cements (CPCs): CPC/blood composites, a comprehensive study."
Acta Biomaterialia 62 328-339 2017

B.Huitorel, H.El-Moll, M.Cordier, A.Fargues, A.Garcia, F.Massuyeau, C.Martineau-Corcos, T.Gacoin, S.Perruchas
"Luminescence Mechanochromism induced by Cluster Isomerization"
Inorganic Chemistry 56 12379-12388 2017

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S.Gaboreau, D.Prêt, V.Montouillout, P.Henocq, J.-C.Robinet, C.Tournassat
"Quantitative mineralogical mapping of hydrated low pH concrete"
Cement and Concrete Composites 83 360-373 2017
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