Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Nanoporeux pour l’Energie et l’Environnement
Nanoporous Materials for Energy and Environment

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2017 N.Batisse, E.Raymundo-Piñero
'A self-standing hydrogel neutral electrolyte for high voltage and safe flexible supercapacitors'
J. Power Sources 348 168-174 (2017) doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2017.03.005

The Group is settled since January 2017 in CEMHTI (Conditions Extreme Materiaux Haute Temperature et Irradiation, site Haute Temperature, UPR 3079) in Orleans (France), that belongs to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). The Group is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) through a Consolidator Grant (Conchi O. Ania - ERC-CoG 648161, PHOROSOL).


Research interests encompass the entire range of modern chemistry and nanotechnology, including gas and liquid phase adsorption, surface chemistry, photo-electrochemistry, or synthetic chemistry. A list of the different areas of research interests includes:

  • Synthesis, characterization and surface modification of nanoporous solids for energy and environmental applications.
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage (supercapacitors, batteries)
  • Advanced oxidation processes (photocatalysis, electro-assisted techniques) for the removal of persistent organic pollutants for wastewater purification.
  • Regeneration of exhausted adsorbents.
  • Valorization of residues as precursors of low cost adsorbents.
  • Preparation of adsorbents, electrodes and catalysts for energy storage/conversion/separation and environmental applications -CO2 capture, minimization of gaseous emissions-.

Conchi O. Ania

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Alba Cabrera-Codony, Eric Santos-Clotas, Conchi O.Ania, Maria J.Martín
"Competitive siloxane adsorption in multicomponent gas streams for biogas upgrading"
Chemical Engineering Journal 344 565-573 2018


doi HAL 
T.J.Bandosz, C.O.Ania
"Origin and Perspectives of the Photochemical Activity of Nanoporous Carbons"
Advanced Science 5 2018


doi HAL 
P.A.S.Moura, E.Vilarrasa-Garcia, D.A.S.Maia, M.Bastos-Neto, C.O.Ania, J.B.Parra, D.C.S.Azevedo
"Assessing the potential of nanoporous carbon adsorbents from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to separate CO2 from flue gas"
Adsorption-Journal of the International Adsorption Society 24 279-291 2018

doi HAL 
M.Algarra, A.Gonzalez-Calabuig, K.Radotic, D.Mutavdzic, C.O.Ania, J.M.Lazaro-Martinez, J.Jimenez-Jimenez, E.Rodriguez-Castellon, M.del Valle
"Enhanced electrochemical response of carbon quantum dot modified electrodes"
Talanta 178 679-685 2018


doi HAL 
C.O.Ania, A.Gomis-Berenguer, J.Dentzer, C.Vix-Guterl
"Nanoconfinement of glucose oxidase on mesoporous carbon electrodes with tunable pore sizes"
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 808 372-379 2018

doi HAL 
N.Batisse, E.Raymundo-Pinero
"Pulsed Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry for Operando Tracking of Interfacial Processes in Small-Time-Constant Electrochemical Devices such as Supercapacitors"
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 41224-41232 2017

doi HAL 
B.Zhang, M.Deschamps, M.R.Ammar, E.Raymundo-Piñero, L.Hennet, D.Batuk, J.-M.Tarascon
"Laser synthesis of hard carbon for anodes in Na-ion battery"
Advanced Materials Technologies 1600227 2017


Y.Morizet, M.Paris, D.Sifre, I.Di Carlo, S.Ory, F.Gaillard
"Towards the reconciliation of viscosity change and CO2-induced polymerization in silicate melts"
Chemical Geology 458 38-47 2017

doi HAL 
N.Batisse, E.Raymundo-Piñero
"A self-standing hydrogel neutral electrolyte for high voltage and safe flexible supercapacitors"
Journal of Power Sources 348 168-174 2017


E.Posada, N.Lopez-Salas, D.Carriazo, M.A.Munoz-Marquez, C.O.Ania, R.J.Jimenez-Rioboo, M.C.Gutierrez, M.L.Ferrer, F.del Monte
"Predicting the suitability of aqueous solutions of deep eutectic solvents for preparation of co-continuous porous carbons via spinodal decomposition processes"
Carbon 123 536-547 2017