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Application Faisceaux d'Ions
Application of Ion Beams

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C.S.Sastri, A.Banerjee, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, F.Duval
"Application of 12 MeV proton activation to the analysis of archaeological specimens"
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 308 241-249 2016

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A.Costagliola, L.Venault, A.Deroche, G.Garaix, J.Vermeulen, R.Omnee, F.Duval, G.Blain, J.Vandenborre, M.Fattahi-Vanani, N.Vigier
"Radiation chemical behavior of aqueous butanal oxime solutions irradiated with helium ion beams"
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 119 186-193 2016

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D.C.Sergentu, D.Teze, A.Sabatié-Gogova, C.Alliot, N.Guo, F.Bassal, I.Da Silva, D.Deniaud, R.Maurice, J.Champion, N.Galland, G.Montavon
"Advances on the Determination of the Astatine Pourbaix Diagram: Predomination of AtO(OH)2− over At− in Basic Conditions"
Chemistry-A European Journal 22 2964-2971 2016

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L.Pentecoste, P.Brault, A.L.Thomann, P.Desgardin, T.Lecas, T.Belhabib, M.F.Barthe, T.Sauvage
"Low energy and low fluence helium implantations in tungsten: Molecular dynamics simulations and experiments"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 470 44-54 2016

H.Palancher, R.Kachnaoui, G.Martin, A.Richard, J.-C.Richaud, C.Onofri, R.Belin, A.Boulle, H.Rouquette, C.Sabathier, G.Carlot, P.Desgardin, T.Sauvage, F.Rieutord, J.Raynal, Ph.Goudeau , A.Ambard
"Strain relaxation in He implanted UO2 polycrystals under thermal treatment: An in situ XRD study"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 476 63-76 2016

G.Garaix, L.Venault, A.Costagliola, J.Maurin, M.Guigue, R.Omnee, G.Blain, J.Vandenborre, M.Fattahi, N.Vigier, P.Moisy
"Alpha radiolysis of nitric acid and sodium nitrate with He-4(2+) beam of 13.5 MeV energy"
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 106 394-403 2015

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F.Linez, F.Garrido, H.Erramli, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, P.Desgardin, M.F.Barthe
"Experimental location of helium atoms in 6H–SiC crystal lattice after implantation and after annealing at 400 °C"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 459 62-69 2015

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T.Belhabib, P.Desgardin, T.Sauvage, H.Erramli, M.F.Barthe, F.Garrido, G.Carlot, L.Nowicki, P.Garcia
"Lattice location and annealing behaviour of helium atoms implanted in uranium dioxide single crystals"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 467 1-8 2015

N.Jaber, J.Wolfman, C.Daumont, B.Négulescu, A.Ruyter, G.Feuillard, M.Bavencoffe, J.Fortineau, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, H.Bouyanfif, J.L.Longuet, C.Autret-Lambert, F.Gervais
"Enhancement of piezoelectric response in Ga doped BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films"
Journal of Applied Physics 24 244107 2015

M.Blet-Lemarquand, R.Gyselen, F.Duval
"Sur la composition élémentaire de quelques monnaies de cuivre arabo-sassanides"
Res Orientales XXII-Argenterie, Documents et Monnaies de Tradition Sassanide 9-28 2014
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