Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Best cited papers of CEMHTI Researchers

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1 2002232915/11/2018 D.Massiot, F.Fayon, M.Capron, I.King, S.Le Calvé, B.Alonso, J.O.Durand, B.Bujoli, Z.Gan, G.Hoatson 'Modelling one and two-dimensional solid-state NMR spectra.' Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 40 70-76 [2002] HyperLink
2 199637715/11/2018 D.Massiot, B.Touzo, D.Trumeau, J.P.Coutures, J.Virlet, P.Florian, P.J.Grandinetti 'Two-dimensiontal Magic-Angle Spinning Isotropic Reconstruction Sequences for Quadrupolar Nuclei.' Solid State NMR 6 73-83 [1996] HyperLink
3 200733715/11/2018 C.O.Ania, Volodymyr Khomenko, Encarnacion Raymundo-Pinero, Jose B.Parra, Francois Beguin 'The large electrochemical capacitance of microporous doped carbon obtained by using a zeolite template' Advanced Functional Materials 17 1828-1836 [2007] HyperLink
4 201032915/11/2018 Y.Kubo, F.R.Ong, P.Bertet, D.Vion, V.Jacques, D.Zheng, A.Dreau, J.F.Roch, A.Auffeves, F.Jelezko, J.Wrachtrup, M.F.Barthe, P.Bergonzo, D.Esteve 'Strong Coupling of a Spin Ensemble to a Superconducting Resonator' Physical Review Letters 105 140502 [2010] HyperLink
5 199028515/11/2018 D.Massiot, C.Bessada, J.P.Coutures, F.Taulelle 'A quantitative study of aluminum-27 MAS NMR in crystalline YAG' Journal of Magnetic Resonance 90 231-242 [1990] HyperLink
6 200424715/11/2018 D.R.Neuville, L.Cormier, D.Massiot 'Al environment in tectosilicate and peraluminous glasses: a NMR, Raman and XANES investigation' Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta 68 5071-5079 [2004] HyperLink
7 201324615/11/2018 M.Rieth, S.L.Dudarev, S.M.Gonzalez de Vicente, J.Aktaa, T.Ahlgren, S.Antusch, D.E.J.Armstrong, M.Balden, N.Baluc, M.F.Barthe, W.W.Basuki, M.Battabyal, C.S.Becquart, D.Blagoeva, H.Boldyryeva, J.Brinkmann, M.Celino, L.Ciupinski, J.B.Correia, A.De Backer, C.Domain, E.Gaganidze, C.Garc{\'{\i}}a-Rosales, J.Gibson, M.R.Gilbert, S.Giusepponi, B.Gludovatz, H.Greuner, K.Heinola, T.H\"{o}schen, A.Hoffmann, N.Holstein, F.Koch, W.Krauss, H.Li, S.Lindig, J.Linke, Ch.Linsmeier, P.L{\'{o}}pez-Ruiz, H.Maier, J.Matejicek, T.P.Mishra, M.Muhammed, A.Mu{\~{n}}oz, M.Muzyk, K.Nordlund, D.Nguyen-Manh, J.Opschoor, N.Ord{\'{a}}s, T.Palacios, G.Pintsuk, R.Pippan, J.Reiser, J.Riesch, S.G.Roberts, L.Romaner, M.Rosi{\'{n}}ski, M.Sanchez, W.Schulmeyer, H.Traxler, A.Ure{\~{n}}a, J.G.van der Laan, L.Veleva, S.Wahlberg, M.Walter, T.Weber, T.Weitkamp, S.Wurster, M.A.Yar, J.H.You, A.Zivelonghi 'Recent progress in research on tungsten materials for nuclear fusion applications in Europe' Journal of Nuclear Materials 432 482-500 [2013] HyperLink
8 200923715/11/2018 N.Baccile, G.Laurent, F.Babonneau, F.Fayon, M.Titirici, M.Antonietti 'Structural Characterization of Hydrothermal Carbon Spheres by Advanced Solid-State MAS 13C NMR Investigations' Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 9644-9654 [2009] HyperLink
9 199122119/12/2011 A.Bouchoule, A.Plain, L.Boufendi, J.P.Blondeau, C.Laure 'PARTICLE GENERATION AND BEHAVIOR IN A SILANE-ARGON LOW-PRESSURE DISCHARGE UNDER CONTINUOUS OR PULSED RADIOFREQUENCY EXCITATION' Journal of Applied Physics 70 1991-2000 [1991] HyperLink
10 199521715/11/2018 D.Massiot, I.Farnan, N.Gautier, D.Trumeau, A.Trokiner, J.P.Coutures 'A 71Ga and 69Ga study of b -Ga2O3 : resolution of four fold and six fold coordinated Ga sites in static conditions.' Solid State NMR 4 241-248 [1995] HyperLink