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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
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D.J.Srivastava, P.Florian, J.H.Baltisberger, P.J.Grandinetti
"Correlating geminal (2)J(Si-O-Si) couplings to structure in framework silicates"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 562-571 2018

F.Simko, A.Rakhmatullin, P.Florian, M.Kontrík, M.Korenko, Z.Netriová, V.Danielik, C.Bessada
"(Oxo)(Fluoro)‒Aluminates in KF‒Al2O3 System: Thermal Stability and Structural Correlation"
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (21) 13349–13359 2017

Charles Le Losq, Daniel R Neuville, Wenlin Chen, Pierre Florian, Dominique Massiot, Zhongfu Zhou, George N.Greaves
"Percolation channels: a universal idea to describe the atomic structure and dynamics of glasses and melts"
Scientific Reports 7 16490 2017

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Yann Morizet, Pierre Florian, Michael Paris, Fabrice Gaillard
"17 O NMR evidence of free ionic clusters M n+ CO 3 2− in silicate glasses: Precursors for carbonate-silicate liquids immiscibility"
American Mineralogist 102 1561 - 1564 2017
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Sohei Sukenaga, Pierre Florian, Koji Kanehashi, Hiroyuki Shibata, Noritaka Saito, Kunihiko Nakashima, Dominique Massiot
"Oxygen Speciation in Multicomponent Silicate Glasses Using Through Bond Double Resonance NMR Spectroscopy"
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 2274–2279 2017

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L.Baggetto, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Florian, A.Gleizes, D.Massiot, C.Vahlas
"Atomic Scale Structure of Amorphous Aluminum Oxyhydroxide, Oxide and Oxycarbide Films Probed by Very High Field 27Al Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 8101-8110 2017

A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, L.Hennet, Y.Gueguen, T.Charpentier, D.Thiaudière, P.Florian
"Al and Sr environment in tectosilicate glasses and melts: viscosity, Raman and NMR investigation"
Chemical Geology 461 115-127 2017
R.Nemausat, C.Gervais , C.Brouder , N.Trcera, A.Bordage, C.Coelho, P.Florian, A.Rakhmatullin, I.Errea, L.Paulatto, M.Lazzeri, D.Cabaret
"Temperature dependence of x-ray absorption and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra: probing quantum vibrations of light element in oxides"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 6246-6256 2017
J.A.Rengifo-Herrera, M.Blanco, J.Wist, P.Florian, L.R.Pizzio
"TiO2 modified with polyoxotungstates should induce visible-lightabsorption and high photocatalytic activity through the formation ofsurface complexes"
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 189 99-109 2016
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Y.Moussallam, P.Florian, D.Corradini, Y.Morizet, N.Sator, R.Vuilleumier, B.Guillot, G.Iacono-Marziano, B.C.Schmidt, F.Gaillard
"The molecular structure of melts along the carbonatite–kimberlite–basalt compositional joint: CO2 and polymerisation"
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 434 129-140 2016

Better cited papers of P.Florian
1 199636903/01/2018 D.Massiot, B.Touzo, D.Trumeau, J.P.Coutures, J.Virlet, P.Florian, P.J.Grandinetti 'Two-dimensiontal Magic-Angle Spinning Isotropic Reconstruction Sequences for Quadrupolar Nuclei.' Solid State NMR 6 73-83 [1996] HyperLink
2 200716429/01/2018 P.Azaïs, L.Duclaux, P.Florian, D.Massiot, M.A.Lillo-Rodenas, A.Linares-Solano, J.P.Peres, C.Jehoulet, F.Béguin 'Causes of supercapacitors ageing in organic electrolyte' Journal of Power Sources 171 1046-1053 [2007] HyperLink
3 20087715/12/2017 F.Brodard-Severac, G.Guerrero, J.Maquet, P.Florian, C.Gervais, P.H.Mutin 'High-Field 17O MAS NMR Investigation of Phosphonic Acid Monolayers on Titania' Chemistry of Materials 20 4191-5196 [2008] HyperLink
4 20027629/01/2018 V.Lacassagne, C.Bessada, P.Florian, S.Bouvet, B.Ollivier, J.P.Coutures, D.Massiot 'Structure of High-Temperature NaF-AlF3-Al2O3 Melts : a multinuclear NMR study.' Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 1862-1868 [2002] HyperLink
5 20087429/01/2018 D.R.Neuville, L.Cormier, V.Montouillout, P.Florian, F.Millot, J.C.Rifflet, D.Massiot 'Structure of Mg- and Mg/Ca aluminosilicate glasses: 27Al NMR and Raman spectroscopy investigations' American Mineralogist 93 1721-1731 [2008] HyperLink
6 20017029/01/2018 C.Gervais, J.Maquet, F.Babonneau, C.Duriez, E.Framery, M.Vaultier, P.Florian, D.Massiot 'Chemically derived BN ceramics: extensive 11B and 15N solid-state NMR study of a preceramic polyborazilene.' Chemistry of Materials 13 1700-1707 [2001] HyperLink
7 20076403/01/2018 P.Florian, N.Sadiki, D.Massiot, J.P.Coutures 'A 27-Al NMR study of the structure of lanthanum and yttrium based alumino–silicate glasses and melts' Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 9747-9757 [2007] HyperLink
8 20015711/10/2017 P.Florian, M.Gervais, A.Douy, D.Massiot, J.P.Coutures 'A mul-tinuclear multiple-field NMR study of the Y2O3 - Al2O3 phase diagram.' Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 379-391 [2001] HyperLink
9 20015611/10/2017 T.Vosegaard, P.Florian, D.Massiot, P.J.Grandinetti 'Multiple Quantum Magic-Angle Spinning using Rotary Resonance Excitation.' Journal of Chemical Physics 114 4618-4624 [2001] HyperLink
10 19965511/03/2011 H.B.Deng, S.H.Chun, P.Florian, P.J.Grandinetti, S.G.Shore 'Direct lanthanide-transition metal interactions: Synthesis of (NH3)(2)YbFe(CO)(4) and crystal structures of {[(CH3CN)(3)YbFe(CO)(4)](2)center dot CH3CN}(infinity) and [(CH3CN)(3)YbFe(CO)(4)](infinity)' Inorganic Chemistry 35 3891-3896 [1996] HyperLink