CEMHTI - Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Défauts, impuretés, radiotraceurs: propriétés, matériaux, imagerie
Defects, Impurities, Radiotracers : Properties, Materials, Imaging

Responsable : Marie France Barthe
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2015 Julia Wiktor
Identification of equilibrium and irradiation-induced defects in nuclear ceramics: electronic structure calculations of defect properties and positron annihilation characteristics
These 02 10 (2015) [view]

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O.Véron, J.P.Blondeau, M.Grabiec, A.Wolak, K.Dzierzega, N.Ollier, F.Goutaland, M.Cherif Sow, S.Pellerin, N.Pellerin
"Material kinetics of interaction between pulsed nanosecond laser and silver exchanged silicate glass during lower exposure Fluence, optical absorption correlated to morphological investigations"
Plasmonics inp in press

G.Guimbretière, A.Canizarès, A.Finizola, E.Delcher, N.Raimboux, A.Di Muro, P.Simon, B.Devouard, A.Bertil
"Raman spectroscopy as suitable tool for the field study of recent volcanic environments"
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 47 740-742 2016

P.S.Pokam Kuisseu, T.Pingault, E.Ntsoenzok, G.Regula, F.Mazen, A.Sauldubois, C.Andreazza
"Wafering of ultra-thin silicon substrates by MeV hydrogen implantation: effects of fluence and energy"
Physica Status Solidi C early view 11 juillet 2016

T.Pingault, P.S.Pokam-Kuisseu, E.Ntsoenzok, J.P.Blondeau, A.Ulyashin, H.Labrim, B.Belhorma
"A novel kerf-free wafering process combining stress-induced spalling and low energy hydrogen implantation"
Physica Status Solidi C online 11 juillet 2016

J.Wiktor, G.Jomard, Ma.Torrent, M.F.Barthe, M.Bertolus
"Fully self-consistent calculations of momentum distributions of annihilating electron-positron pairs in SiC"
Physical Review B 93 195207 2016

L.Pentecoste, A.-L.Thomann, A.Melhem, A.Caillard, S.Cuynet, T.Lecas, P.Brault, P.Desgardin, M.-F.Barthe
"Low flux and low energy helium ion implantation into tungsten using a dedicated plasma source"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 383 38–46 2016

N.Zayyoun, B.Jaber , L.Laânab, E.Ntsoenzok and R.Bekkari
"Effect of solvent on the morphological and optical properties of CuO nanoparticles prepared by simple sol-gel process"
Journal of Materials and Environmental Science 7 1791-1797 2016

E.-A.Kouadri-boudjelthia, E.Ntsoenzok, R.Benoit, G.Regula, H.Etienne, T.Michel, S.Ashok
"Plasma immersion ion implantation: A viable candidate for low cost purification of mc-Si by nanocavities?"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 366 150-154 2016

G.Guimbretière, A.Canizarès, L.Desgranges, R.Caraballo, F.Duval, C.Jegou, M.Magnin, P.Simon
"In situ Raman estimation of irradiation-induced heating of UO2"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 478 172-175 2016

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L.Pentecoste, P.Brault, A.L.Thomann, P.Desgardin, T.Lecas, T.Belhabib, M.F.Barthe, T.Sauvage
"Low energy and low fluence helium implantations in tungsten: Molecular dynamics simulations and experiments"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 470 44-54 2016
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