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Optique et Rayonnement Thermique des Matériaux
Optics & thermics of Materials

Responsable : Patrick Simon
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2016 J.Poirier, N.Bost, M.R.Ammar
New data about the Boudouard reaction in refractory materials: formation of carbon, investigation by thermogravimetric measurements and in situ raman spectroscopy
International colloquium on refractories, Aachen, Allemagne 187-190 (2016) [view]

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N.Galy, N.Toulhoat, N.Moncoffre, Y.Pipon, N.Bérerd, M.R.Ammar, P.Simon, D.Deldicque, P.Sainsot
"Ion irradiation used as surrogate of neutron irradiation in graphite: Consequences on 14C and 36Cl behavior and structural evolution"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 502 20–29 2018

E.S.Fotso Gueutue, A.Canizares, P.Simon, N.Raimboux, L.Hennet, M.R.Ammar
"Nanosecond time-resolved Raman spectroscopy for solving some Raman problems such as luminescence or thermal emission"
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 1-8 2018

N.Galy, N.Toulhoat, N.Moncoffre, Y, Pipon, N.Bérerd, M.R.Ammar, P.Simon, D.Deldicque, P.Sainsot
"Ion irradiation to simulate neutron irradiation in model graphites: consequences for nuclear graphite"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 409 235-240 2017

N.Kang, P.Coddet, M.R.Ammar, H.Liao, C.Coddet
"Characterization of the microstructure of a selective laser melting processed Al-50Si alloy: Effect of heat treatments"
Materials Characterization 130 243–249 2017

H.Jabraouia, M.Malki, A.Hasnaoui, M.Badawi, S.Ouaskit, S.Lebègue, Y.Vaills
"Thermodynamic and structural properties of binary calcium silicate glasses: insights from molecular dynamics"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 19083-19093 2017

C.Bessada, D.Zanghi, O.Pauvert, L.Maksoud, A.Gil-Martin, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Melin, S.Brassamin, A.Nezu, H.Matsuura
"High temperature EXAFS experiments in molten actinide fluorides: the challenge of a triple containment cell for radioactive and aggressive liquids"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 494 192-199 2017

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B.Bouvry, A.J.Fernández Carrión, J.Andújar, E.Veron, S.Ory, S.Brassamin, P.Echegut, C.Escape, T.Nahhas, X.Py, C.Bessada
"Mediterranean Basin Basalts as Potential Materials For Thermal Energy Storage in Concentrated Solar Plants"
Energy Materials and Solar Cells 71 50-59 2017

H.Sediki, P.Simon, A.Hadjadj, A.Krallafa
"Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics and Vibrational Raman spectrometry Investigations of Polymorph of Quartz at High Temperature"
European Physical Journal B 90 172 2017

M.Debure, P.Andreazza, A.Canizarès, S.Grangeon, C.Lerouge, P.Mack, B.Madé, P.Simon, E.Véron, F.Warmont, M Vayer
"Study of iron-bearing dolomite dissolution at various temperatures: Evidence for the formation of secondary nanocrystalline iron-rich phases on the dolomite surface"
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2017 442-454 2017

E.Kovacevic, S.Hussain, J.Berndt, C.Pattyn, T.Strunskus, M.-R.Ammar, A.Canizarès, P.Simon, E.Tatarova, A.Dias, P.-Y.Tessier, C.Boulmer-Leborgne
"Plasma Synthesis of Conductive Carbon Based Nanomaterials"
ECS Transactions 77 37-39 2017
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