FOCUS Sofware

Software Utility for the Creation of Optical Function


Focus is a curve fitting software for the Windows operating system that has been developed to facilitate spectroscopic modelling and data exchange.

The architecture of its mathematical core, that mimics the way used by the optical spectroscopy markup language to encode spectroscopic models, is able to construct sets of interdependent mathematical expressions and is thus perfectly adapted for the reproduction and the solution of complex modelling problems (infrared and Raman spectroscopy, impedance measurements,...).

Visual and non-linear least square curve fitting are among the numerous tools implemented within Focus that contribute to accelerate the process of simulation.

Focus version 1.0 is a stand-alone application you may download and use for free for non commercial purposes. Please read the license before downloading.


Software requirements
 ♦ Operating systems :
     Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98

 ♦ Processor : 1.5 GHz or faster

All the files necessary to install Focus are contained in the following zipped file :

Focus FOCUS.ZIP (1.8 Mo)

Installing and removing the program
Under Windows XP, once the above file is downloaded, to install the program it is sufficient to unzip the file. Unzipping will create a folder named Focus that contains all the files used by Focus.
To run the program on previous Operating Systems such as Windows 98 or Windows 2000, it is necessary to add the dynamic link library GDIPLUS.DLL available on the microsoft Web site.
Removing completely the program only necessitates the suppression of this folder.


♦ 1.0.20 - April 2004 - Corrects some user interface bugs and introduces new functions. This version is optimized for Windows XP but it may run under Windows 98 and latter versions by adding the Microsoft dynamic link library GDIPLUS.DLL.

♦ 1.0.17a - May 2003 - First release of Focus.

Optical Spectroscopy Markup Language

OSML is a XML-based language for encoding spectroscopic models and mathematical representations of optical functions.
OSML Libraries

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