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Ordre et Désordre dans les Matériaux : Approche RMN
Order and Desorder in Materials : an NMR Approach

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T.Mineva, P.Gaveau, A.Galarneau, D.Massiot, B.Alonso
"14N: a sensitive NMR probe for the study of surfactant-oxide interfaces"
J. Phys. Chem. C 115 19293–19302 2011 [view,doi,hal]
13 citations (WoS)


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B.Alonso, T.Mineva, P.Innocenzi, G.Trimmel, K.Stubenrauch, I.Melnyk, Y.Zub, F.Fayon, P.Florian, D.Massiot
"Perspectives in 1H, 14N and 81Br solid-state NMR studies of interfaces in materials textured by self-assembled amphiphiles"
C. R. Chim. 13 431-442 2010 [view,doi,hal]
14 citations (WoS)


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B.Alonso, D.Massiot, P.Florian, H.H.Paradies, P.Gaveau, T.Mineva
"14N and 81Br Quadrupolar Nuclei as Sensitive NMR Probes of n-alkyltrimethylammonium bromide Crystal Structures. An Experimental and Theoretical study."
J. Phys. Chem. B 113 11906-11920 2009 [view,doi,hal]
22 citations (WoS)


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I.V.Melnyk, Y.L.Zub, E.Véron, D.Massiot, T.Cacciagarra, B.Alonso
"Spray-dried mesoporous silica microspheres with adjustable textures and pore surfaces homogenously covered by accessible thiol functions"
J. Mater. Chem. 18 1368-1382 2008 [view,doi,hal]
38 citations (WoS)


T.Bastow, D.Massiot, J.P.Coutures
"14N NMR in AlN and BN."
Solid State NMR 10 241-245 1998 [view,doi]
20 citations (WoS)