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  Franck Fayon

Directeur de Recherche CNRS
Directeur Adjoint depuis 2018

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ISI ReseacherId : C-1835-2008
HAL Id : franck-fayon
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Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2 - FRANCE
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 55 25
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Deputy Director of CEMHTI UPR3079 CNRS

Publication list (not only @CEMHTI)

139 ACL , 11 ACLN , 1 HDR , 1 OS , 1 OV , 1 Rapport / Group by  
Simon Blotevogel, Mathilde Poirier, Delphine Vantelon, Erwan Chesneau, Charles-E Dutoit, Valérie Montouillout, Franck Fayon, Judit Kaknics, Gautier Landrot, Giuseppe D.Saldi, Jacques Schott, Hervé Vezin, Cedric Patapy, Martin Cyr
"Titanium in ground-granulated blast-furnace slag like calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate glasses: Its role in the glass network, dissolution at alkaline pH and surface layer formation"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids [in press]
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Valentine Camus-Génot, Amandine Guiet, Jérôme Lhoste, Franck Fayon, Monique Body, Stéphanie Kodjikian, Romain Moury, Marc Leblanc, Jean Louis Bobet, Christophe Legein, Vincent Maisonneuve
"Controlled Morphology Synthesis of Nanostructured β-AlF3–x(OH)x with Tunable Specific Surface Area"
Crystal Growth and Design 21 5914-5927 [2021]
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Florian Olivier, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Franck Fayon, Sylvie Bonnamy, Nathalie Rochet
"In vivo effectiveness of carbonated calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite-coated activated carbon fiber cloth on bone regeneration"
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B Applied Biomaterials 1-11 [2021]
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Monu Kaushik, César Leroy, Zixuan Chen, David Gajan, Elena Willinger, Christoph R.Müller, Franck Fayon, Dominique Massiot, Alexey Fedorov, Christophe Copéret, Anne Lesage, Pierre Florian
"Atomic-Scale Structure and Its Impact on Chemical Properties of Aluminum Oxide Layers Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on Silica"
Chemistry of Materials 33 3335–334 [2021]

G.Tricot, F.Fayon, T.Charpentier
"Preface to the virtual special issue on advanced NMR on glasses"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 572 121095 [2021]
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Marion Maravat, Marylène Bertrand, Céline Landon, Franck Fayon, Séverine Morisset-Lopez, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Martine Decoville
"Complementary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Based Metabolomics Approaches for Glioma Biomarker Identification in a Drosophila melanogaster Model"
Journal of Proteome Research 20 3977–3991 [2021]

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W.Wisniewski, M.J.Pitcher, E.Véron, J.Fan, V.Sarou-Kanian, F.Fayon, M.Allix
"Macroscopic Orientation Domains Grown via Aerodynamic Levitation: A Path toward Single Crystals"
Crystal Growth and Design 21 3554–3561 [2021]

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H.Guo, L.Zhao, C.Martineau-Corcos, F.Fayon, J.Viger-Gravel, H.Awala, P.Boullay, J.Grand, A.Vicente, J.P.Gilson, S.Mintova
"Transformation of Discrete Amorphous Aluminosilicate Nanoparticles into Nanosized Zeolites"
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 2000634 [2021]

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F.Olivier, Q.Picard, S.Delpeux-Ouldriane, J.Chancolon, F.Warmont, V.Sarou-Kanian, F.Fayon, S.Bonnamy
"Influence of electrochemical parameters on the characteristics of sono-electrodeposited calcium phosphate-coated carbon fiber cloth"
Surface and Coatings Technology 389 125507 [2020]
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Maxime Yon, Franck Fayon, Dominique Massiot, Vincent Sarou-Kanian
"Iterative baseline correction algorithm for dead time truncated one-dimensional solid-state MAS NMR spectra"
Solid State NMR 110 101699 [2020]