CEMHTI - Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Matériaux et Procédés à haute température
Materials and Processes at High Temperature

Responsable : Guy Matzen
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2016 E.de Bilbao, Y Hbiriq, C.Orgeur, S.Brassamin, J.Poirier, L.Loison, T.Thonnesen
Identification of transport properties of refractories intrinsic permeability and capillary pressure curve
Proceedings of the 59st International colloquium on refractories, Aachen, Allemagne 238-241 (2016) [view]

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L.Hennet, D.Holland Moritz, R.Weber, A.Meyer
"High-temperature levitated materials."
Chapter 10 in Neutron Scattering: Applications in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biology, Book Series: Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences in press

F.Tao, X.Wang, M.Gong, F.Lu, M.Allix, X.Kuang, L.Fang
"New Eight-Layer Twinned Hexagonal Perovskite Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Ba8NiNb6O24"
Journal of American Ceramic Society in press

Y.Gueguen, P.Houizot, F.Célarié, M.Chen, A.Hirata, Y.Tan, M.Allix, S.Chenu, C.Roux-Langlois, T.Rouxel
"Structure and viscosity of phase separated BaO-SiO2 glasses"
Journal of American Ceramic Society in press

J.W.E.Drewitt, A.C.Barnes, S.Jahn, S.C.Kohn, M.J.Walter, A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, H.E.Fischer, L.Hennet
"Structure of liquid tricalcium aluminate"
Physical Review B 95 064203 2017

V.Cristiglio, I.Grillo, M.Fomina, F.Wien, E.Shalaev, A.Novikov, S.Brassamin, M.Réfrégiers, J.Pérez, L.Hennet
"Combination of acoustic levitation with small angle scattering techniques and synchrotron radiation circular dichroism. Application to the study of protein solutions."
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects 1861 3693–3699 2017

A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, L.Hennet, Y.Gueguen, T.Charpentier, D.Thiaudière, P.Florian
"Al and Sr environment in tectosilicate glasses and melts: viscosity, Raman and NMR investigation"
Chemical Geology 2017

M.Zanatta, L.Cormier, L.Hennet, C.Petrillo, F.Sacchetti
"Real-time observation of the isothermal crystallization kinetics in a deeply supercooled liquid."
Scientific Reports 7 43671 2017

J.Wagner, V.Haigis, M.Leydier, A.Bytchkov, V.Cristiglio, H.E.Fischer, N.Sadiki, D.Zanghi, L.Hennet, S.Jahn
"The structure of Y- and La-bearing aluminosilicate glasses and melts: a combined molecular dynamics and di raction study"
Chemical Geology 2017

I.N.Leontyev, A.A.Kulbakov, M.Allix, A.Rakhmatullin, A.B.Kuriganova, O.A.Maslova, and N.V.Smirnova
"Thermal expansion coefficient of carbon-supported Pt nanoparticles: In-situ X-ray diffraction study"
Physica Status Solidi B accepted 2017

D.L.Price, O.Borodin, M.A.González, M.Kofu, K.Shibata, T.Yamada, O.Yamamuro M.-L.Saboungi
"Relaxation in a Prototype Ionic Liquid: Influence of Water on the Dynamics"
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 715–719 2017
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