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RAMAN spectroscopy under extreme conditions

Disorder and Optical Properties
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We have three comlpementary Raman spectrometer systems, allowing studies in almost all the extremes high temperature and irradiation conditions.

  • Raman In Situ : the aim of this setup is to perform an in situ spectral study of materials in extremes conditions. A unique cyclotron beam accelerator / Raman spectrometry coupling system is used in routine experiments of default in solids or under beam alteration of materials

  • Raman very high temperature : this device - dedicated to experimental measurements in non routinely experimental conditions - is based on an advanced research Raman system ( HORIBA Jobin Yvon T64000). It provides excellent resolutions (as low as 0.15 cm-1), gives access to very low wave umbers (as low as a few cm-1 for no less than a ten of excitation wavelength). In addition, an original system of temporal resolution allows studies at very high temperatures (up to 2500 K)

  • Raman imagery : this very versatile high resolution spectrometer, with its excellent spectral stability, allows accurate surface and volume cartography on sample at room temperature and at high temperature (up to 1300 K). Multivariate statistical analysis is a powerful tool for cartography analysis (composed of a huge number of individual spectra, up to a million)

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