Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Désordre et Propriétés Optiques
Disorder and Optical Properties

Responsable : Patrick Simon / List of Publications...

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2018 N.Galy, N.Toulhoat, N.Moncoffre, Y.Pipon, N.Bérerd, M.R.Ammar, P.Simon, D.Deldicque, P.Sainsot
'Ion irradiation used as surrogate of neutron irradiation in graphite: Consequences on 14C and 36Cl behavior and structural evolution'
J. Nucl. Mater. 502 20–29 (2018) doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2018.01.058

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G.Oukali, E.Salager, M.R.Ammar, C.E.Dutoit, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Simon, E.Raymundo-Pinero, M.Deschamps
"In Situ Magnetic Resonance Imaging of a Complete Supercapacitor Giving Additional Insight on the Role of Nanopore"
ACS Nano 13 12810-12815 2019


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R.Le Parc, E.Buixaderas, C.Levelut, P.Hermet, A.S.Pereira, O.Cambon, C.Roiland, P.Simon, J.Haines
"Ultrastable phonon frequencies in α-quartz-type BPO4 at high temperature"
Applied Physics Letters 115 141902 2019

A.Marrouche, M.G.Biyoune, A.Mabrouk, A.Bachar*, A.Atbir, L.Boukbir, S.Mançour-Billah, H.Bari, R.Bellajrou, A.Aydda, M.El Hadek
"Evaluation of remineralization performance of osmosis water on the calcite bed at a laboratory scale"
Desalination and Water Treatment 139 64–69 2019

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Y.Kruger, L.Mercury, A.Canizarès, D.Marti and P.Simon
"Metastable phase equilibria in the ice II stability field. A Raman study of synthetic high-density water inclusions in quartz"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 19554-19566 2019


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Y.El Mendili, A.Vaitkus, A.Merkys, S.Grazulis, D.Chateigner, F.Mathevet, S.Gascoin, S.Petit, J-F.Bardeau, M.Zanatta, M.Secchi, G.Mariotto, A.Kumar, M.Cassetta, L.Lutterotti, E.Borovin, B.Orberger, P.Simon, B.Hehlen, M.Le Guen
"Raman Open Database: first interconnected Raman-XRD open-access resource for material identification"
Journal of Applied Crystallography 52 618-625 2019

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Joris Kadok, Nicolas Bost, Antoine Coulon, Mohamed-Ramzi Ammar, Séverine Brassamin, Cécile Genevois, Auriane Etienne, Aurélien Canizarès, Jacques Poirier
"Inhibiting the sp2 carbon deposition by adjunction of sulphurous species in refractory ceramics subjected to CO and H2 reducing atmosphere"
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 39 2960-2972 2019

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A.Mabrouk, D.De Sousa Meneses, N.Pellerin, E.Véron, C.Genevois, S.Ory, Y.Vaills
"Effects of boron on structure of lanthanum and sodium aluminoborosilicate glasses studied by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and infrared spectrometry"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 503–504 69-77 2019

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R.Mohun, L.Desgranges, C.Jégou, B.Boizot, O.Cavani, A.Canizarès, F.Duval, C.He, P.Desgardin, M.F.Barthe, P.Simon
"Quantification of irradiation-induced defects in UO2 using Raman and Positron annihilation spectroscopies Acta Materialia"
Acta Materialia 164 512-519 2019


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O.A.Maslova, X.Iltis, L.Desgranges, M.R.Ammar, C.Genevois, Bilbao, A.Canizarès, S.A.Barannikova, I.N.Leontyev, P.Simon
"Characterization of an UO2 Ceramic via Raman Imaging and Electron Back-Scattering Diffraction"
Materials Characterization 147 280-285 2019


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O.A.Maslova, X.Iltis, L.Desgranges, G.Guimbretière, M.R.Ammar, C.Genevois, E.De Bilbao, A.Canizares, S.A.Barannikova, I.N.Leontyev, and P.Simon
"Evaluation of T2g band intensity distribution across a surface of an UO2 ceramic"
AIP Conference Proceedings 2051 020189 2018