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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2
fax : +33 (0) 238 63 81 03
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 55 31
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D.Andrault, G.Pesce, G.Manthilake, J.Monteux, N.Bolfan-Casanova, J.Chantel, D.Novella, N.Guignot, A.King, J.P.Itié, L.Hennet
"Deep and persistent melt layer in the Archaean mantle"
Nature Geoscience in press
D.Andrault, M.Muñoz, G.Pesce, V.Cerantola, A.Chumakov, I.Kantor, S.Pascarelli, R.Rüffer, L.Hennet
"Large oxygen excess in the primitive mantle could be the source of the Great Oxygenation Event"
Geochemical Perspectives Letters in press
G.Lelong, L.Cormier, L.Hennet, F.Michel, J.-P.Rueff, J.M.Ablett, G.Monaco
"Lithium borate crystals and glasses: how similar are they? A non-resonant inelastic X-ray scattering study around the B and O K-edges."
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 472 1-8 2017
J.Wagner, V.Haigis, M.Leydier, A.Bytchkov, V.Cristiglio, H.E.Fischer, N.Sadiki, D.Zanghi, L.Hennet, S.Jahn
"The structure of Y- and La-bearing aluminosilicate glasses and melts: a combined molecular dynamics and diffraction study"
Chemical Geology 461 23-33 2017
A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, L.Hennet, Y.Gueguen, T.Charpentier, D.Thiaudière, P.Florian
"Al and Sr environment in tectosilicate glasses and melts: viscosity, Raman and NMR investigation"
Chemical Geology 461 115-127 2017
Y.I.Bourezg, H.Azzeddine, L.Hennet, D.Thiaudière, Y.Huang, D.Bradai, T.G.Langdon
"The sequence and kinetics of pre-precipitation in Mg-Nd alloys after HPT processing: A synchrotron and DSC study"
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 719 236–241 2017
L.Hennet, D.Holland Moritz, R.Weber, A.Meyer
"High-temperature levitated materials."
Chapter 10 in Neutron Scattering: Applications in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biology, Book Series: Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences 49 583–636 2017
J.W.E.Drewitt, A.C.Barnes, S.C.Kohn, M.J.Walter, S.Jahn, A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, H.E.Fischer, L.Hennet
"Double-difference isotope substitution on liquid Ca3Al2O6"
ILL Annual Report 2016 46-47 2017
V.Cristiglio, I.Grillo, M.Fomina, F.Wien, E.Shalaev, A.Novikov, S.Brassamin, M.Réfrégiers, J.Pérez, L.Hennet
"Studying drying processes using acoustic levitation."
ILL Annual Report 2016 56-57 2017
J.W.E.Drewitt, A.C.Barnes, S.Jahn, S.C.Kohn, M.J.Walter, A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, H.E.Fischer, L.Hennet
"Structure of liquid tricalcium aluminate"
Physical Review B 95 064203 2017

Better cited papers of L.Hennet
1 200811715/11/2017 G.N.Greaves, M.C.Wilding, S.Fearn, D.Langstaff, F.Kargl, S.Cox, Q.Vu Van, O.Majérus, C.J.Benmore, R.Weber, C.M.Martin, L.Hennet 'Detection of First Order Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions in Yttrium Oxide - Aluminium Oxide Melts' Science 322 566-570 [2008] HyperLink
2 200111324/08/2017 C.Landron, L.Hennet, T.Jenkins, G.N.Greaves, J.P.Coutures, A.Soper 'Liquid alumina: detailed atomic coordination determined from neutron diffraction data using empirical potential structure refinement' Physical Review Letters 86(21) 4839-4842 [2001] HyperLink
3 20036224/08/2017 N.Jakse, S.Krishnan, E.Artacho, T.Key, L.Hennet, B.Glorieux, A.Pasturel, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi 'Structural changes on supercooling liquid silicon' Applied Physics Letters 83 4734 [2003] HyperLink
4 20005624/08/2017 P.Turban, L.Hennet, S.Andrieu 'In-plane lattice spacing oscillatory behaviour during the two-dimensional hetero- and homoepitaxy of metals' Surface Science 446 241-253 [2000] HyperLink
5 20035524/08/2017 H.Sinn, B.Glorieux, L.Hennet, A.Alatas, M.Hu, E.E.Alp, F.J.Bermejo, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi 'Microscopic Dynamics of Liquid Aluminum Oxide' Science 299 2047-2049 [2003] HyperLink
6 20064515/12/2017 J.Brillo, A.Bytchkov, I.Egry, L.Hennet, G.Mathiak, I.Pozdnyakova, D.L.Price, D.Thiaudière, D.Zanghi 'Local Structure in Liquid Binary Al-Cu and Al-Ni Alloys' Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 352 4008-4012 [2006] HyperLink
7 19954424/08/2017 J.F.Bobo, H.Chatbi, M.Vergnat, L.Hennet, O.Lenoble, Ph.Bauer, M.Piecuch 'Magnetic and structural properties of iron nitride thin films obtained by argon-nitrogen reactive rf sputtering' Journal of Applied Physics 77 5309-5313 [1995] HyperLink
8 20064315/12/2017 L.Hennet, I.Pozdnyakova, A.Bytchkov, V.Cristiglio, P.Palleau, H.Fischer, G.J.Cuello, M.Johnson, P.Melin , D.Zanghi , S.Brassamin , J.F.Brun, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi 'Levitation apparatus for neutron diffraction investigations on high temperature liquids' Review of Scientific Instruments 77 053903 [2006] HyperLink
9 20054311/10/2017 Yu.I.Yuzyuk, P.Simon, E.Gagarina, L.Hennet, D.Thiaudière, V.I.Torgashev, S.I.Raevskaya, I.P.Raevskii, L.A.Reznitchenko, J.L.Sauvajol 'Modulated phases in NaNbO3: Raman scattering, synchrotron x-ray diffraction, and dielectric investigations' Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 17 4977-4990 [2005] HyperLink
10 20023724/08/2017 K.F.Kelton, A.K.Gangopadhyay G.W.Lee, L.Hennet, R.W.Hyres, S.Krishnan, M.B.Robinson, J.Rogers, T.J.Rathz 'X-ray and Electrostatic Levitation Undercooling Studies in Ti-Zr-Ni Quasicrystal Forming Alloys' Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 312 305-308 [2002] HyperLink