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Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation
Site Cyclotron
CS 30058
3A rue de la Férolerie
45071 Orléans cedex 2
fax : +33 (0) 238 63 02 71
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 54 19
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C.S.Sastri, A.Banerjee, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, F.Duval
"Application of 12 MeV proton activation to the analysis of archaeological specimens"
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 308 241-249 2016
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L.Pentecoste, P.Brault, A.L.Thomann, P.Desgardin, T.Lecas, T.Belhabib, M.F.Barthe, T.Sauvage
"Low energy and low fluence helium implantations in tungsten: Molecular dynamics simulations and experiments"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 470 44-54 2016
H.Palancher, R.Kachnaoui, G.Martin, A.Richard, J.-C.Richaud, C.Onofri, R.Belin, A.Boulle, H.Rouquette, C.Sabathier, G.Carlot, P.Desgardin, T.Sauvage, F.Rieutord, J.Raynal, Ph.Goudeau , A.Ambard
"Strain relaxation in He implanted UO2 polycrystals under thermal treatment: An in situ XRD study"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 476 63-76 2016
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F.Linez, F.Garrido, H.Erramli, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, P.Desgardin, M.F.Barthe
"Experimental location of helium atoms in 6H–SiC crystal lattice after implantation and after annealing at 400 °C"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 459 62-69 2015
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T.Belhabib, P.Desgardin, T.Sauvage, H.Erramli, M.F.Barthe, F.Garrido, G.Carlot, L.Nowicki, P.Garcia
"Lattice location and annealing behaviour of helium atoms implanted in uranium dioxide single crystals"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 467 1-8 2015
N.Jaber, J.Wolfman, C.Daumont, B.Négulescu, A.Ruyter, G.Feuillard, M.Bavencoffe, J.Fortineau, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, H.Bouyanfif, J.L.Longuet, C.Autret-Lambert, F.Gervais
"Enhancement of piezoelectric response in Ga doped BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films"
Journal of Applied Physics 24 244107 2015
E.Carella, M.Leon, T.Sauvage, M.Gonzalez
"On ion implantation and damage effect in Li2TiO3 as a fusion breeder blanket: A technological approach for degradation testing"
Fusion Engineering and Design 89 1529-1533 2014
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A.Bousquet, F.Zoubian, J.Cellier, C.Taviot-Gueho, T.Sauvage, E.Tomasella
"Structural and ellipsometric study on tailored optical properties of tantalum oxynitride films deposited by reactive sputtering"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 475201 2014
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G.Raveu, G.Martin, O.Fiquet, P.Garcia, G.Carlot, H.Palancher, A.Bonnin, H.Khodja, C.Raepsaet, T.Sauvage, M.F.Barthe
"Experimental study of UC polycrystals in the prospect of improving the as-fabricated sample purity"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 341 72-76 2014
J.Chen, P.Jung, T.Rebac, F.Duval, T.Sauvage, Y.de Carlan, M.F.Barthe
"Helium effects on creep properties of Fe–14CrWTi ODS steel at 650 °C"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 453 253-258 2014

Better cited papers of T.Sauvage
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4 20036415/12/2017 A.Moustaghfir, E.Tomasella, S.Ben Amor, M.Jacquet, J.Cellier, T.Sauvage 'Structural and optical studies of ZnO thin films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering: influence of annealing' Surface and Coatings Technology 174 193-196 [2003] HyperLink
5 20055524/08/2017 A.Caillard, P.Brault, J.Mathias, C.Charles, R.W.Boswell, T.Sauvage 'Deposition and diffusion of platinum nanoparticles in porous carbon assisted by plasma sputtering' Surface and Coatings Technology 200 391-394 [2005] HyperLink
6 20085415/12/2017 Y.Sonnefraud, A.Cuche, O.Faklaris, J.P.Boudou, T.Sauvage, J.F.Roch, F.Treussart, S.Huant 'Diamond nanocrystals hosting single nitrogen-vacancy color centers sorted by photon-correlation near-field microscopy' Optics Letters 33 611-613 [2008] HyperLink
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9 20074111/10/2017 A.Debelle, M.F.Barthe, T.Sauvage, R.Belamhawal, A.Chelgoum, P.Desgardin, H.Labrim 'Helium behaviour and vacancy defect distribution in helium implanted tungsten' Journal of Nuclear Materials 362 181-188 [2007] HyperLink
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