CEMHTI - Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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(Vitro) céramiques transparentes et céramiques réfractaires
Transparent (Glass) Ceramics & Refractory Ceramics

Responsable : Jacques Poirier
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2015 Mathieu Dombrowski
Cinétique de corrosion d’un réfractaire d’alumine par les oxydes liquides Al2O3-CaO et Al2O3-CaO-SiO2
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B.Bouvry, A.J.Fernández Carrión, J.Andújar, E.Veron, S.Ory, S.Brassamin, P.Echegut, C.Escape, T.Nahhas, X.Py, C.Bessada
"Mediterranean Basin Basalts as Potential Materials For Thermal Energy Storage in Concentrated Solar Plants"
Energy Materials and Solar Cells in press

C.Bessada, D.Zanghi, O.Pauvert, L.Maksoud, A.Gil-Martin, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Melin, S.Brassamin, A.Nezu, H.Matsuura
"High temperature EXAFS experiments in molten actinide fluorides: the challenge of a triple containment cell for radioactive and aggressive liquids"
Journal of Nuclear Materials in press

M.Debure, P.Andreazza, A.Canizarès, S.Grangeon, C.Lerouge, P.Mack, B.Madé, P.Simon, E.Véron, F.Warmont, M Vayer
"Study of iron-bearing dolomite dissolution at various temperatures: Evidence for the formation of secondary nanocrystalline iron-rich phases on the dolomite surface"
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2017 442-454 2017

doi HAL 
Eddy Dib, Tzonka Mineva, Philippe Gaveau, Emmanuel Véron, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Franck Fayon, Bruno Alonso
"Probing Disorder in Al-ZSM-5 Zeolites by 14N NMR Spectroscopy"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 15831–15841 2017

G.Lelong, L.Cormier, L.Hennet, F.Michel, J.-P.Rueff, J.M.Ablett, G.Monaco
"Lithium borate crystals and glasses: how similar are they? A non-resonant inelastic X-ray scattering study around the B and O K-edges."
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 472 1-8 2017

J.Wagner, V.Haigis, M.Leydier, A.Bytchkov, V.Cristiglio, H.E.Fischer, N.Sadiki, D.Zanghi, L.Hennet, S.Jahn
"The structure of Y- and La-bearing aluminosilicate glasses and melts: a combined molecular dynamics and diffraction study"
Chemical Geology 461 23-33 2017

A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, L.Hennet, Y.Gueguen, T.Charpentier, D.Thiaudière, P.Florian
"Al and Sr environment in tectosilicate glasses and melts: viscosity, Raman and NMR investigation"
Chemical Geology 461 115-127 2017

Y.I.Bourezg, H.Azzeddine, L.Hennet, D.Thiaudière, Y.Huang, D.Bradai, T.G.Langdon
"The sequence and kinetics of pre-precipitation in Mg-Nd alloys after HPT processing: A synchrotron and DSC study"
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 719 236–241 2017

L.Hennet, D.Holland Moritz, R.Weber, A.Meyer
"High-temperature levitated materials."
Chapter 10 in Neutron Scattering: Applications in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biology, Book Series: Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences 49 583–636 2017

J.W.E.Drewitt, A.C.Barnes, S.C.Kohn, M.J.Walter, S.Jahn, A.Novikov, D.R.Neuville, H.E.Fischer, L.Hennet
"Double-difference isotope substitution on liquid Ca3Al2O6"
ILL Annual Report 2016 46-47 2017
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