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2008 Wakabayashi Prize of the "Technical Association of Refractories of Japan"

The Technical Association of Refractories of Japan, will award the 2008 Wakabayashi Prize to Mariana Braulio, for the best paper published in the Journal of the Technical Association of Refractories, named :

M. Braulio, L.Bittencourt, J.Poirier and V.C.Pandolfelli

“Microsilica Effects on Cement Bonded Alumina-Magnesia Refractories Castables”

Journal of the Technical Association of Refractories, Japan (Vol. 28, No.3, pp.180-184)

Her contribution was co-authored by The Wakabayashi Prize, named by the founder of that Association, is awarded since 1983 in order to promote and keep a high scientific publication level in the refractory area.

This publication is co-authored by Pr. Jacques Poirier from CEMTHI.

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Prize 27/01/2009   Jacques Poirier