Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Plateformes Expérimentales
Experimental Facilities

Responsable : Catherine Bessada

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2023 N.Poirot, M.Gabard, M.Boufnichel, R.Omnée, E.Raymundo-Piñero
'Sustainable Approach for the Development of TiO2-Based 3D Electrodes for Microsupercapacitors'
Batteries 9 258 (2023) doi:10.3390/batteries9050258

National and European Research Infrastructures @CEMHTI

Infranalytics CNRS
l'IR-RMN Tres Hauts Champs donne accès au spectrometre 850 MHz du CEMHTI
Elle fait partie de d'infrastructure Infranalytics du CNRS [RMN / RPE / FT-ICR]
PANACEA Eu Europe PANACEA brings together and integrates eight national solid-state NMR infrastructures in Europe and in the United States and opens them to all European chemists, from both academia and industry. Funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 framework program, the project started on September the 1st 2021 for a period of four years.
PANACEA web site / linkedIn / Twitter / Facebook
EMIReA EMIR&A is a network of facilities providing the scientific community with a set of advanced accelerators and in situ instruments with unique performances, dedicated to irradiation and analysis of molecules and materials.

Facilites @CEMHTI

High-Temperature facilities

Ion Beam Irradiation facilities

High-Resolution and High Temperature NMR

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A.Zandonà, B.Paiva Da Fonseca, G.Helsch, V.Olszok, M.J.Pitcher, H.Bazzaoui, A.P.Weber, M.Allix, J.Deubener
"Structural features and thermal expansion of zinc aluminosilicate quartz solid solutions"
Journal of the European Ceramic Society in press

M.Vigier, P.Deniard, E.Gautron, N.Gautier, C.Genevois, S.Ory, M.Allix, I.Ben Kacem, S.Jobic
"Microstructural insights on lithium aluminum silicate (LAS) glass ceramics"
Ceramics International in press

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M.Cholin, C.Genevois, P.Carles, M.Allix, J.Cornette, M.Colas, F.Fayon, V.Sarou-Kanian, G.Delaizir, P.Thomas, S.Chenu, V.Couderc, J.-R.Duclère
"Crystallization Mechanisms in New Bismuth Borotellurite Glass-Ceramics"
Crystal Growth and Design in press


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Alex Capelle, Barthélemy Aspe, Olga Shavdina, Babacar Diallo, Nadia Pellerin, Martin Depardieu, Anne-Lise Thomann, Nadjib Semmar
"Study of CO2 Laser-induced Thermal Stress Mechanisms on Decorative Soda-lime Glass"
Journal of Laser Micro-Nanoengineering in press

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Konstantina Christina Topka, Babacar Diallo, Maxime Puyo, Erwan Chesneau, Farah Inoubli, Simon Ponton, Cécile Genevois, Diane Samélor, Raphael Laloo, Daniel Sadowski, Cédric Charvillat, Cedric, Takashi Teramoto, François, Senocq, Thierry Sauvage, Hugues Vergnes, Marie Joelle Menu, Christian Dussarrat, Brigitte Caussat, Viviane Turq, Constantin Vahlas, Nadia Pellerin
"Silicon oxynitride coatings are very promising for inert and durable pharmaceutical glass vials"
ACS Applied Engineering Materials in press


Alberto Martínez-Jódar, Silvia Villar-Rodil, José M.Munuera, Alberto Castro-Muñiz, Jonathan N.Coleman, Encarnación Raymundo-Piñero, Juan I.Paredes
"Two-Dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets Derived from Cathodic Exfoliation for Lithium Storage Applications"
Nanomaterials 14 xx 2024


Florian Dorchies, Alessandra Serva, Astrid Sidos, Laurent Michot, Michaël Deschamps, Mathieu Salanne, Alexis Grimaud
"Correlating Substrate Reactivity at Electrified Interfaces with the Electrolyte Structure in Synthetically Relevant Organic Solvent/Water Mixtures"
Journal of American Chemical Society 146 17495-17507 2024


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Armin Mozhdehei, Lionel Mercury, Aneta Slodczyk
"Ubiquity of the Micrometer-Thick Interface along a Quartz–Water Boundary"
Langmuir xxxxx 2024


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Juan Forero-Saboya, Ivan A.Moiseev, Marina-Lamprini Vlara, Dominique Foix, Michael Deschamps, Artem M.Abakumov, Jean-Marie Tarascon, Sathiya Mariyappan
"A Hydridoaluminate Additive Producing a Protective Coating on Ni-Rich Cathode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries"
Advanced Energy Materials 2402051 2024

Assia Mabrouk, Ahmed Bachar, Yann Vaills, Aurélien Canizarès, Stuart Hampshire
"Effect of Sodium Oxide on Structure of Lanthanum Aluminosilicate Glass"
Ceramics 2024