Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Demande d'Expérience / Ask for experimental time by contacting :

IR-RMN-THC in Infranalytics FR2054 CNRS
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  Pierre Florian  

NMR research groups @ CEMHTI

  Valérie Montouillout   research group...
Solid State NMR, High Temperature NMR, Oxydes, Hybrids , Disordered Solids
RMN du solide, RMN Haute Température, Oxydes, Hybrides, Matériaux Désordonnés.

  Michaël Deschamps   research group...
Molten salts, Structure and Dynamics by Solid State NMR and high temperature NMR
Sels Fondus, Structure et Dynamique par RMN du solide, et RMN Haute Température

  Pierre Florian   research group...
High Resolution Solid State and High Temperature NMR
RMN Haute Résolution Solide et Haute Température

Formerly in charge :
  Dominique Massiot     Catherine Bessada     Franck Fayon  

High Temperature NMR experimental setup

High temperature setup associating CO2 laser heating and crucible or levitation device.

Three of our spectrometers (750MHz, 400MHz and 300MHz) are equiped for laser heated High or Very High Temperature experiments :

  • Closed BN crucible container (Tmax ~1200°C) - application for molten silicates or molten salts
  • Aerodynamic levitation device (Tmax ~2500°C) for direct laser heating of the sample droplet under oxidizing or neutral atmosphere - application to refractory liquids (aluminates, alumino silicates...)
  • Two CO2 lasers of typically 100 to 150W depending on the system for heating from top / bottom with computer control

Spectrometers Probes & Capabilities
Avance 850MHz

3 channels H/F,X,Y
Type Ø Vmax X range Tmin Tmax X/Y ranges
HXY 1.3 67 15N ↔ 13C -30°C +80°C 27Al/15N, 27Al/29Si, 31P/27Al, 11B/17O-29Si
HXY 2.5 35 29Si ↔ 31P -30°C +80°C 27Al/29Si, 11B/29Si, 11B/27Al, 31P/27Al
HXY 3.2 24 2D ↔ 31P -140°C +150°C 13C/15N, 27Al/29Si, 11B/29Si, 31P/29Si-27Al
HXY 3.2 24 DBB -140°C +150°C
HX 4.0 15 103Rh ↔ 13C -140°C +150°C n/a
HX 3.0 27 15N ↔ 31P -140 +170 15N, 29Si, 79Br, 13C, 27Al, 11B, 31P
X 5.0 - ? ? ? n/a
X 10.0 - 29Si ↔ 11B RT +1500°C n/a

Avance 750MHz

4 channels H/F,X,Y,Z
Type Ø Vmax X range Tmin Tmax X/Y ranges
HXY 1.3 67 15N ↔ 13C -30°C +80°C 27Al/17O-29Si, 11B/29Si, 11B/27Al
(H,F)XY 1.3 67 199Hg ↔ 31P -30°C +80°C -
HXY 2.5 35 33S ↔ 31P -70°C +80°C -
HXY 2.5 35 ? ↔ ? -70°C +80°C 31P/17O, 31P/27Al-71Ga, 11B/29Si-27Al, 27Al/29Si, 13C/14N, 2H/14N-15N
XYZ 3.2 24 31P/27Al/17O ? ? -
HXY 4.0 15 ? ↔ ? -140°C +150°C 11B/29Si, 27Al/17O-29Si, 29Si/17O
HXY 4.0 15 ? ↔ 31P -140°C +150°C 31P/27Al-71Ga, 31P/17O-71Ga, 11B/17O
HX 4.0 15 109Ag ↔ 13C -140°C +150°C -
XYZ 4.0 18 double coil probe ? ?
X 7.0 8 89Y ↔ 17O ? ? -
X 10.0 - 102MHz ↔ 269MHz RT 1300°C -

Avance 400MHz

3 channels H/F,X,Y
  • MAS 2.5mm double tune H/F, X
  • MAS 2.5mm triple tune H/F, X, Y
  • MAS 3.2mm triple tune H/F, X, Y
  • MAS 4.0mm double tune
  • High Temperature single tune crucible Tmax ~1300°C / levitation Tmax 2000°C unique design
  • High Temperature single tune crucible Tmax ~900°C / Diffusion measurments (50G/cm gradients)

Avance 300MHz

2 channels H/F,X
  • MAS 2.5mm single tune X
  • MAS 4.0mm double tune H/F, X
  • MAS 3.2mm single tune
  • MAS 7.0mm double tune
  • High Temperature single tune crucible Tmax ~1300°C / levitation Tmax 2000°C  unique design