Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Cécile Genevois
Ingénieur de Recherche
Adresse - Direction
Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2 - FRANCE
fax : +33 (0) 238 63 81 03
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 55 27
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M.Dolhen, M.Allix, V.Sarou-Kanian, F.Fayon, C.Genevois, S.Chenu, P.E.Coulon, M.Colas, J.Cornette, J.R.Duclère, F.Brisset, O.Masson, P.Thomas, G.Delaizir
"A comprehensive study of the glass / translucent anti-glass / transparent ceramic structural ordering in the Bi2O3-Nb2O5-TeO2 system"
Acta Materialia 189 73-84 2020

F.Ren, H.Liu, H.Zhang, Z.Jiang, B.Xia, C.Genevois, T.He, M.Allix, Q.Sun, Z.Li, M.Gao
"Engineering NIR-IIb fluorescence of Er-based lanthanide nanoparticles for through-skull targeted imaging and imaging-guided surgery of orthotopic glioma"
Nano Today 34 100905 2020

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J.P.Laval, J.R.Duclère, V.Couderc, M.Allix, C.Genevois, V.Sarou-Kanian, F.Fayon, P.E.Coulon, S.Chenu, M.Colas, J.Cornette, P.Thomas, G.Delaizir*
"Highly transparent fluorotellurite glass-ceramics: structural investigations and luminescence properties"
Inorganic Chemistry 58 16387 2019

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X.Yang, T.Kyzzhibek, C.Genevois, W.Cao, F.Porcher, X.Kuang*, M.Allix*
"Ba8CoNb6–xTaxO24 Eight-Layer Shifted Hexagonal Perovskite Ceramics with Spontaneous Ta5+ Ordering and Near-Zero τf"
Inorganic Chemistry 58 10974-10982 2019

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Alima Nzie, Cédric Blanchard, Cécile Genevois, Domingos De Sousa Meneses
"Retrieval of dielectric and structural properties of amorphous SiO2 nanopowder based on optical measurements and Bergman's spectral representation theory"
Journal of Applied Physics 126 104304 2019
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V.Castaing, A.D.Sontakke, J.Xu, A.J.Fernández-Carrión, C.Genevois, S.Tanabe, M.Allix, B.Viana
"Persistent energy transfer in ZGO:Cr3+,Yb3+: a new strategy to design nano glass-ceramics featuring deep red and near infrared persistent luminescence"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 19458-19468 2019

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Joris Kadok, Nicolas Bost, Antoine Coulon, Mohamed-Ramzi Ammar, Séverine Brassamin, Cécile Genevois, Auriane Etienne, Aurélien Canizarès, Jacques Poirier
"Inhibiting the sp2 carbon deposition by adjunction of sulphurous species in refractory ceramics subjected to CO and H2 reducing atmosphere"
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 39 2960-2972 2019
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O.A.Maslova, X.Iltis, L.Desgranges, M.R.Ammar, C.Genevois, Bilbao, A.Canizarès, S.A.Barannikova, I.N.Leontyev, P.Simon
"Characterization of an UO2 Ceramic via Raman Imaging and Electron Back-Scattering Diffraction"
Materials Characterization 147 280-285 2019

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O.A.Maslova, X.Iltis, L.Desgranges, G.Guimbretière, M.R.Ammar, C.Genevois, E.De Bilbao, A.Canizarès, S.A.Barannikova, I.N.Leontyev, and P.Simon
"Evaluation of T2g band intensity distribution across a surface of an UO2 ceramic"
AIP Conference Proceedings 2051 020189 2018
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A.Isabel Becerro*, M.Allix*, M.Laguna, D.González-Mancebo, C.Genevois, A.Caballero, G.Lozano, N.O.Núñez, M.Ocaña
"Revealing substitution mechanism in Eu3+:CaMoO4 and Eu3+,Na+:CaMoO4 phosphors."
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 12830 2018