Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Eric Blond
last known position :
was at CEMHTI from 01/09/2009 to 28/02/2010
as Maitre de Conférence
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Eric Blond, Anh K.Nguyen, Emmanuel de Bilbao, Thomas Sayet, Athanasios Batakis
"Thermo-chemo-mechanical modeling of refractory behavior in service: Key points and new developments"
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 17 1693-1700 2020
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A.K.Nguyen, Eric Blond, T.Sayet, A.Batakis, E.De Bilbao, M.D.Duong
"Self-organized gradient percolation method for numerical simulation of impregnation in porous media"
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 344 711-733 2019
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J.Poirier, E.Blond, Bilbao, R.Michel, A.Coulon, J.Gillibert, M.Boussuge, Y.Zhang, D.Ryckelynk, G.Dusserre, T.Cutard, P.Leplay
"New advances in the laboratory characterization of refractories: testing and modelling"
Metallurgical Research & Technology 114 1-16 2017
J.Poirier, S.Sinnema, C.Parr, M.Rigaud, Bilbao, T.Tonnesen, E.Blond, A.Gasser
"FIRE: Education Programm in Refractory Engineering"
43rd SEFI Annual Conference (European Society for Enginnering Education), June 29-july 2 USB key+ abstract boolet 116 2015
doi Bilbao, M.Dombrowski, N.Traon, T.Tonnesen, J.Poirier, E.Blond
"Study of Reactive Impregnation and Phase Transformations During the Corrosion of High Alumina Refractories by Al2O3-CaO Slag"
Advances in Science and Technology 92 264-271 2014
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T.Merzouki, E.Blond, N.Schmitt, M.L.Bouchetou, T.Cutard, A.Gasser
"Modelling of the swelling induced by oxidation in SiC-based refractory castables"
Mechanics of Materials 68 253-266 2014
doi HAL Bilbao, P.Prigent, C.Mehdi-Souzani, M.L.Bouchetou, N.Schmitt, J.Poirier, E.Blond
"Measurement of the Volume Expansion of SiC Refractories Induced by Molten Salt Corrosion"
Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology 4 207-212 2013
ACLN Bilbao, P.Prigent, C.Medhi-Souzani, M.L.Bouchetou, N.Schmitt, J.Poirier, E.Blond
"Study of the volume expansion of refractory induced by corrosion (poster)"
Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories (Unitecr’ 2013), Victoria, Canada Clé USB 60-63 2013
P.Prigent, M.L.Bouchetou, J.Poirier, E de Bilbao, E.Blond
"Corrosion of oxide bonded silicon carbide refractories by molten salts in solid waste-to-energy facilities"
Ceramics International 38 5643-5649 2012
J.Brulin, E.Blond, Bilbao, A.Rekik, M.Landreau, A.Gasser, Y Colleville
"Expezrimental set-up mortor/brick interface strengh characterization"
Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories (Unitecr’ 2011) CDRom et abstract 2-B1-1 p. 92 2011