Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  C.O. Ania PI
  L.B. Balan PI
  R. Omnée Staff
  E. Raymundo PI
  M.B. Bonnet
  G.D. Gesesse PhD st.
  J.H. Haemers PhD st.
  K.M. Maiga
  M.F. Mendez Ruiz Visitor
  M.M. Mesnage PhD st.
  C.N. Neto PhD st.
  M.P. Porcher PostDoc
  I.R. Rassas PostDoc
  R.C Ruiz Garcia PostDoc

Nanoporeux pour l’Energie et l’Environnement
Nanoporous Materials for Energy and Environment

Responsable : Conchi O. Ania / List of Publications...

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2019 Alicia Gomis-Berenguer*, Irma Eliani , Vânia F.Lourenço , Rocio J.Carmona , Leticia F.Velasco, Conchi O.Ania*
'Insights on the Use of Carbon Additives as Promoters of the Visible-Light Photocatalytic Activity of Bi2WO6'
Materials 12 385 (2019) doi:10.3390/ma12030385

The Group is settled since January 2017 in CEMHTI (Conditions Extreme Materiaux Haute Temperature et Irradiation, site Haute Temperature, UPR 3079) in Orleans (France), that belongs to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). The Group is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) through a Consolidator Grant (Conchi O. Ania - ERC-CoG 648161, PHOROSOL).


Research interests encompass the entire range of modern chemistry and nanotechnology, including gas and liquid phase adsorption, surface chemistry, photo-electrochemistry, or synthetic chemistry. A list of the different areas of research interests includes:

  • Synthesis, characterization and surface modification of nanoporous solids for energy and environmental applications.
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage (supercapacitors, batteries)
  • Advanced oxidation processes (photocatalysis, electro-assisted techniques) for the removal of persistent organic pollutants for wastewater purification.
  • Regeneration of exhausted adsorbents.
  • Valorization of residues as precursors of low cost adsorbents.
  • Preparation of adsorbents, electrodes and catalysts for energy storage/conversion/separation and environmental applications -CO2 capture, minimization of gaseous emissions-.

Conchi O. Ania

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A.Casanova, R.Rincón, J.Muñoz, C.O.Ania, M.D.Calzada
"Optimizing high-quality graphene nanoflakes production through organic (bio)-precursor plasma decomposition"
Fuel Processing Technology 212 106630 2021

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Salima Mabrouk, Hervé Rinnert, Lavinia Balan, Sébastien Blanchard, Jordane Jasniewski, Ghouti Medjahdi, Rafik Ben Chaabane, Raphaël Schneider
"Aqueous synthesis of highly luminescent ternary alloyed Mn-doped ZnSeS quantum dots capped with 2-mercaptopropionic acid"
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 858 158315 2021


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Hui Shao, Kui Xu, Yih-Chyng Wu, Antonella Iadecola, Liyuan Liu, Hongyun Ma, Liangti Qu, Encarnacion Raymundo-Piñero, Jixin Zhu, Zifeng Lin, Pierre-Louis Taberna, Patrice Simon
"Unraveling the Charge Storage Mechanism of Ti3C2Tx MXene Electrode in Acidic Electrolyte"
Accounts of Chemical Research 5 2873-2880 2020


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Etienne Caillosse, Mohamed Zaier, Mariam Mezghani, Samar Hajjar-Garreau, Loïc Vidal, Daniel Lougnot, Lavinia Balan
"Photo-Induced Self-Assembly of Silver Nanoparticles for Rapid Generation of First and Second Surface Mirrors"
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 6531-6540 2020


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Samir M.Ahmad, Ana S.Mestre, Nuno R.Neng, Conchi O.Ania, Ana P.Carvalho, José M.F.Nogueira
"Carbon-Based Sorbent Coatings for the Determination of Pharmaceutical Compounds by Bar Adsorptive Microextraction"
ACS Applied Bio Materials 3 2078-2091 2020


Paula G.Saiz, Naroa Iglesias, Bárbara González Navarrete, Maibelin Rosales, Yurieth Marcela Quintero, Ander Reizabal, Joseba Orive, Arkaitz Fidalgo Marijuan, Edurne S.Larrea, Ana Catarina Lopes, Luis Lezama, Andreina García, Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez, María Isabel Arriortua, Roberto Fernández de Luis
"Chromium Speciation in Zirconium-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks for Environmental Remediation"
Chemistry-A European Journal n-a 2020

Javier A.Quezada Renteria, Cristina Ruiz-Garcia, Thierry Sauvage, Luis F.Chazaro-Ruiz, Jose R.Rangel-Mendez, Conchi O.Ania
"Photochemical and electrochemical reduction of graphene oxide thin films: tuning the nature of surface defects"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 20732-20743 2020

Manel Ben Osman, Wei Yin, Thomas Petenzi, Bruno Jousselme, Renaud Cornut, Encarnación Raymundo-Pinero, Alexis Grimaud, Christel Laberty Robert
"Electrospun carbon fibers as air cathodes for aprotic Li–O2 battery: Towards cathode design for enhanced capacity"
Electrochimica Acta 354 136643 2020

Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky, Margarita Darder, Bernd Wicklein, Cristina Ruiz-Garcia, Raquel Martín-Sampedro, Gustavo del Real, Pilar Aranda
"Nanotechnology Responses to COVID-19"
Advanced Healthcare Materials n-a 2000979 2020

N.López-Salas, J.M.Vicent-Luna, E.Posada, S.Imberti, R.M.Madero-Castro, S.Calero, C.O.Ania, R.J.Jiménez-Riobóo, M.C.Gutiérrez, M.L.Ferrer, F.del Monte
"Further Extending the Dilution Range of the “Solvent-in-DES” Regime upon the Replacement of Water by an Organic Solvent with Hydrogen Bond Capabilities"
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 12120-12131 2020