Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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C.Gonçalves, R.Mereau, V.Nazabal, C.Boussard-Pledel, C.Roiland, M.Deschamps, B.Bureau, M.Dussauze, 'Study of the Ge20Te80-xSex glassy structures by combining solid state NMR, vibrational spectroscopies and DFT modelling', J. Solid State Chem. 297 122062 (2021) doi:10.1016/j.jssc.2021.122062

The glassy ternary system Ge-Te-Se is currently receiving an increased attention due to its extended range of transmission in the infrared opening the way to various potential applications in photonics. In this study, a multi-techniques approach combining solid-state NMR, Raman and infrared spectroscopies and DFT calculations provides insight into the organization of the GeSe4-GeTe4 glassy network and allows to clarify a whole structural description of the glassy system. A particular attention is devoted to the presence of mixed GeTe8-xSex structural units and to the type of interconnections forming the glass networks. Such experimental/theoretical approach is provided both for the selenium and the tellurium rich part of the glassy system.