Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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Maroua Mrad, Bilel Chouchene, Tahar Ben Chaabane, Thomas Gries, Ghouti Medjahdi, Lavinia Balan, Raphaël Schneider, 'Heterostructured Photocatalysts Associating ZnO Nanorods and Ag-In-Zn-S Quantum Dots for the Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of the Acid Orange 7 Dye', Catalysts 12 1585 (2022) doi:10.3390/catal12121585

Heterostructured photocatalysts associating ZnO nanorods (NRs) sensitized by quaternary Ag-In-Zn-S (AIZS) quantum dots (QDs) were prepared by depositing AIZS QDs at the surface of ZnO NRs followed by thermal treatment at 300 °C. The ZnO/AIZS catalysts were characterized by X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, UV-vis diffuse spectroscopy and by photoelectrochemical measurements. Their photocatalytic activity was evaluated for the bleaching of the Acid Orange 7 (AO7) dye under visible light irradiation. Results show that the association of ZnO NRs with 10 wt% AIZS QDs affords the photocatalyst the highest activity due to the enhanced visible light absorption combined with the improved charge separation. The ZnO/AIZS(10) photocatalyst degrades 98% AO7 in 90 min under visible light illumination, while ZnO NRs can only decompose 11% of the dye. The ZnO/AIZS(10) photocatalyst was also found to be stable and can be reused up to eight times without significant alteration of its activity. This work demonstrates the high potential of AIZS QDs for the development of visible light active photocatalysts.