Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Jacques Botsoa
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was at CEMHTI from 01/01/2009 to 30/04/2009
as PostDoc
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Petru Lunca-Popa, Jacques Botsoa, Mounib Bahri, Pierre Desgardin, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Tom Wirtz, Didier Arl, Ovidiu Ersen, Marie-France Barthe.Damien Lenoble
"Tuneable interplay between atomistic defects morphology and electrical properties of transparent p-type highly conductive off-stoichiometric Cu-Cr-O delafossite thin films"
Scientific Reports 10 1416 2020
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J.Botsoa, T.Sauvage, B.Courtois, D.De Sousa Meneses, M.F.Barthe
"Study of nitrogen content in HPHT diamond by nuclear reaction analysis"
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 450 315-318 2019

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H.J.von Bardeleben, J.L.Cantin, U.Gerstmann, A.Scholle, S.Greulich-Weber, E.Rauls, M.Landmann, W.G.Schmidt, A.Gentils, J.Botsoa, M.F.Barthe
"Identification of the Nitrogen Split Interstitial (N-N)N in GaN"
Physical Review Letters 109 206402 2012
J.Botsoa, T.Sauvage, M.P.Adam, P.Desgardin, E.Leoni, B.Courtois, F.Treussart, M.F.Barthe
"Study of the optimal conditions for NV - center formation in type-1b diamond using photoluminescence and positron annihilation spectroscopies"
Physical Review B 84 125209 2011