Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Nadia Pellerin

Maitre de Conférence Université Orléans

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Maxime Puyo, Konstantina Christina Topka, Babacar Diallo, Raphaël Laloo, Cécile Genevois, Pierre Florian, Thierry Sauvage, Diane Samelor, François Senocq, Hugues Vergnes, Brigitte Caussat, Marie-Joëlle Menu, Nadia Pellerin, Constantin Vahlas, Viviane Turq
"Beyond surface nanoindentation: Combining static and dynamic nanoindentation to assess intrinsic mechanical properties of chemical vapor deposition amorphous silicon oxide (SiOx) and silicon oxycarbide (SiOxCy) thin films"
Thin Solid Films 735 138844 [2021]

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Babacar Diallo, Konstantina C.Topka, Maxime Puyo, Charlotte Lebesgue, Cecile Genevois, Raphael Laloo, Diane Samelor, Helene Lecoq, Mathieu Allix, Hugues Vergnes, Francois Senocq, Pierre Florian, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Thierry Sauvage, Marie-Joelle Menu, Brigitte Caussat, Viviane Turq, Constantin Vahlas, Nadia Pellerin
"Network hydration, ordering and composition interplay of chemical vapor deposited amorphous silica films from tetraethyl orthosilicate"
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 13 534-547 [2021]
Maxime Wartel, Francois Faubert, Iuliana Dirlau, Steve Rudz, Nadia Pellerin, Dragos Astanei, Radu Burlica, Bogdan Hnatiuc, Stephane Pellerin
"Analysis of Plasma Activated Water by Gliding Arc at atmospheric pressure: Effect of the chemical composition of water on the activation"
Journal of Applied Physics 129 233301 [2021]
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Konstantina Christina Topka, Babacar Diallo, Diane Samelor, Raphael Laloo, Daniel Sadowski, Cecile Genevois, Thierry Sauvage, Francois Senocq, Hugues Vergnes, Viviane Turq, Nadia Pellerin, Brigitte Caussat, Constantin Vahlas
"Tunable SiO2 to SiOxCyH films by ozone assisted chemical vapor deposition from tetraethylorthosilicate and hexamethyldisilazane mixtures"
Scanning Microscopy 407 126762 [2021]
Marie Collin, Babacar Diallo, Hélène Lecoq, Sandra Ory, Elodie Chauvet, Nadia Pellerin
"Chemical durability of lead crystal glass: Comparison of short-term aqueous and atmospheric alteration at 90°C"
International Journal of Applied Glass Sciencs ASAP [2020]
Assia Mabrouk, Yann Vaills, Nadia Pellerin, Ahmed Bachar
"Structural study of lanthanum sodium aluminoborosilicate glasses by NMR spectroscopy"
Materials Chemistry and Physics 254 123492 [2020]
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Quentin Castillon, Maxime Wartel, Nadia Pellerin, Stéphane Pellerin, François Faubert, Jean-Pierre Planckaert, Francis Briand
"Analysis of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) regime transition in Ar-CO2/O2 shielding gases"
Journal of Physics Conference Series 1243 012008 [2019]
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A.Mabrouk, D.De Sousa Meneses, N.Pellerin, E.Véron, C.Genevois, S.Ory, Y.Vaills
"Effects of boron on structure of lanthanum and sodium aluminoborosilicate glasses studied by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and infrared spectrometry"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 503–504 69-77 [2019]
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B.Diallo, M.Allix, E.Véron, V.Sarou-Kanian, I.Giboire, V.Montouillout, N.Pellerin
"Deconvolution method of 29Si MAS NMR spectra applied to homogeneous and phase separated lanthanum aluminosilicate glasses"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 503–504 352-365 [2019]
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F.Valensi, N.Pellerin, S.Pellerin, Q.Castillon, K.Dzierzega, F.Briand, J.P.Planckaert
"Influence of Wire Initial Composition on Anode Microstructure and on Metal Transfer Mode in GMAW: Noteworthy Role of Alkali Elements"
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 38 177-205 [2018]