Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Philippe Melin

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Domingos De Sousa Meneses, Philippe Melin, Leire del Campo, Olivier Rozenbaum, Lionel Cosson
"Probing high temperature thermal emissive properties of energy materials and coatings with emission spectroscopy augmented by in situ reflection"
Infrared Physics & Technology 108 103329 [2020]
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C.Bessada, D.Zanghi, O.Pauvert, L.Maksoud, A.Gil-Martin, V.Sarou-Kanian, P.Melin, S.Brassamin, A.Nezu, H.Matsuura
"High temperature EXAFS experiments in molten actinide fluorides: the challenge of a triple containment cell for radioactive and aggressive liquids"
Journal of Nuclear Materials 494 192-199 [2017]
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N.Bost, A.Canizarès, M.R.Ammar, N.Raimboux, P.Melin, P.Simon, J.Poirier
"Probing the structural organisation of sp2 carbons obtained by the Boudouard reaction using in situ Raman scattering in reducing conditions"
Vibrational Spectroscopy 87 157-163 [2016]

D.De Sousa Meneses, P.Melin, L.del Campo, L.Cosson, P.Echegut
"Apparatus for measuring the emittance of materials from far infrared to visible wavelengths in extreme conditions of temperature"
Infrared Physics & Technology 69 96-101 [2015]

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L.Hennet, I.Pozdnyakova, A.Bytchkov, V.Cristiglio, P.Palleau, H.Fischer, G.J.Cuello, M.Johnson, P.Melin, D.Zanghi, S.Brassamin, J.F.Brun, D.L.Price, M.L.Saboungi
"Levitation apparatus for neutron diffraction investigations on high temperature liquids"
Review of Scientific Instruments 77 053903 [2006]
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B.Moulin, L.Hennet, D.Thiaudière, P.Melin, P.Simon
"Raman spectroscopy and X-Ray diffraction of lithium niobate at temperatures up to 1300°C"
Journal de Physique IV - Proceedings 126 101-105 [2005]
B.Rousseau, D.De Barros, J.La Manna, F.Weiss, G.Duneau, P.Odier, D.De Sousa Meneses, Y.Auger, P.Melin, P.Echegut
"Resistive substrate heater for film processing by spray pyrolysis"
Review of Scientific Instruments 75 2884-2886 [2004]
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B.Moulin, L.Hennet, D.Thiaudière, A.Douy, S.Pedeche, P.Melin, P.Simon
"Local order in LiNbO3 in the paraelectric and molten states"
Ferroelectrics 272 33-38 [2002]