Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Franck Fayon

Directeur de Recherche CNRS
Directeur Adjoint depuis 2018

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ISI ReseacherId : C-1835-2008
HAL Id : franck-fayon
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Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2 - FRANCE
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 55 25
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Deputy Director of CEMHTI UPR3079 CNRS

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144 ACL , 11 ACLN , 1 HDR , 1 OS , 1 OV , 1 Rapport / Group by  
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W.Cao, A.I.Becerro, V.Castaing, X.Fang, P.Florian, F.Fayon, D.Zanghi, E.Veron, A.Zandoná, C.Genevois, M.J.Pitcher*, M.Allix*
"Highly Nonstoichiometric YAG Ceramics with Modified Luminescence Properties"
Advanced Functional Materials [in press]
I.M.Ermini, L.Cosson, F.Fayon, D.Zanghi, C.Tardivat, D.De Sousa Meneses
"Real time FT-IR observation of materials during their cooling from molten state"
Infrared Physics & Technology 127 104424 [2022]
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A.Zandona, E.Chesneau, G.Helsch, A.Canizarès, J.Deubener, V.Montouillout, F.Fayon, M.Allix
"Glass-forming ability and structural features of melt-quenched and gel-derived SiO2-TiO2 glasses"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 598 121967 [2022]
Lijia Zhou, Jinxiao Zhang, Congling Yin, Luhui Meng, Jiachen Li, Yuexiang Li, Franck Fayon, Mathieu Allix, Xiaojun Kuang
"Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Gallate Melilite Electrides from Topotactic Reduction of Interstitial Oxide Ion Conductors"
Inorganic Chemistry 61 10915-10924 [2022]

Seongkoo Kang, Kyle G.Reeves, Ivette Aguilar, Ana Gabriela Porras Gutierrez, Jean-Claude Badot, Serge Durand-Vidal, Christophe Legein, Monique Body, Antonella Iadecola, Olaf J.Borkiewicz, Olivier Dubrunfaut, Franck Fayon, Pierre Florian, Damien Dambournet
"Ordering of a Nanoconfined Water Network around Zinc Ions Induces High Proton Conductivity in Layered Titanate"
Chemistry of Materials 34 3967-3975 [2022]

Simon Blotevogel, Mathilde Poirier, Delphine Vantelon, Erwan Chesneau, Charles-E Dutoit, Valérie Montouillout, Franck Fayon, Judit Kaknics, Gautier Landrot, Giuseppe D.Saldi, Jacques Schott, Hervé Vezin, Cedric Patapy, Martin Cyr
"Titanium in GGBS-like calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate glasses: Its role in the glass network, dissolution at alkaline pH and surface layer formation"
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 591 121708 [2022]

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Valentine Camus-Génot, Amandine Guiet, Jérôme Lhoste, Franck Fayon, Monique Body, Stéphanie Kodjikian, Romain Moury, Marc Leblanc, Jean Louis Bobet, Christophe Legein, Vincent Maisonneuve
"Controlled Morphology Synthesis of Nanostructured β-AlF3–x(OH)x with Tunable Specific Surface Area"
Crystal Growth and Design 21 5914-5927 [2021]
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Florian Olivier, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Franck Fayon, Sylvie Bonnamy, Nathalie Rochet
"In vivo effectiveness of carbonated calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite-coated activated carbon fiber cloth on bone regeneration"
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B Applied Biomaterials 1-11 [2021]
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Monu Kaushik, César Leroy, Zixuan Chen, David Gajan, Elena Willinger, Christoph R.Müller, Franck Fayon, Dominique Massiot, Alexey Fedorov, Christophe Copéret, Anne Lesage, Pierre Florian
"Atomic-Scale Structure and Its Impact on Chemical Properties of Aluminum Oxide Layers Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on Silica"
Chemistry of Materials 33 3335–334 [2021]

G.Tricot, F.Fayon, T.Charpentier
"Preface to the virtual special issue on advanced NMR on glasses"
Journal of Non Crystalline Solids 572 121095 [2021]