Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation

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  Babacar Diallo

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Maxime Puyo, Konstantina Christina Topka, Babacar Diallo, Raphaël Laloo, Cécile Genevois, Pierre Florian, Thierry Sauvage, Diane Samelor, François Senocq, Hugues Vergnes, Brigitte Caussat, Marie-Joëlle Menu, Nadia Pellerin, Constantin Vahlas, Viviane Turq
"Beyond surface nanoindentation: Combining static and dynamic nanoindentation to assess intrinsic mechanical properties of chemical vapor deposition amorphous silicon oxide (SiOx) and silicon oxycarbide (SiOxCy) thin films"
Thin Solid Films 735 138844 [2021]

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Babacar Diallo, Konstantina C.Topka, Maxime Puyo, Charlotte Lebesgue, Cecile Genevois, Raphael Laloo, Diane Samelor, Helene Lecoq, Mathieu Allix, Hugues Vergnes, Francois Senocq, Pierre Florian, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Thierry Sauvage, Marie-Joelle Menu, Brigitte Caussat, Viviane Turq, Constantin Vahlas, Nadia Pellerin
"Network hydration, ordering and composition interplay of chemical vapor deposited amorphous silica films from tetraethyl orthosilicate"
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 13 534-547 [2021]
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Laura Decosterd, Konstantina Christina Topka, Babacar Diallo, Diane Samelor, Hugues Vergnes, François Senocq, Brigitte Caussat, Constantin Vahlas, Marie-Joëlle Menu
"An innovative GC-MS, NMR and ESR combined, gas-phase investigation during chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxynitrides films from tris(dimethylsilyl)amine"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 10560-10572 [2021]