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  Elodie Salager

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CNRS researcher (CR) in MATRMAG team

My research focuses on a better understanding of the limitations of devices for electrochemical energy storage, such as lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. The first step is to study the materials with ex situ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The electrochemical device is stopped at a given state of charge, the different constituants are taken apart in an Argon glovebox and transfered into rotors for magic angle spinning NMR. This approach gives excellent resolution and detailed information on the materials but metastable states and transient phenomena are often missed.

A complementary approach is in situ NMR, for which the NMR measurement is performed on the full electrochemical device while it is charged and discharged. The main issue in this case is the overlap of the signals coming from all the components in the cell: lithiated electrodes, lithium-containing electrolyte. We developped an approach that mixes spectroscopy and imaging (MRI) to overcome this issue.

Publication list (not only @CEMHTI)

41 ACL , 1 OS , 2 OV / Group by  
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A.Urrutia, E.Salager, P.E.Cabelguen, R.Janot, J.N.Chotard
"Investigation of sulphate hydride anti-perovskite as solid electrolyte"
Solid State Ionics 409 116510 [2024]
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Khashayar Bagheri, Michael Deschamps, Elodie Salager
"Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for interfaces in rechargeable batteries"
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 64 101675 [2023]

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L.Afonso de Araujo, V.Sarou-Kanian, D.Sicsic, M.Deschamps, E.Salager
"Operando nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: detection of the onset of metallic lithium deposition on graphite at low temperature and fast charge in a full Li-ion battery"
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 354 107527 [2023]

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"In Situ Spectroscopic Imaging of Devices for Electrochemical Storage with Focus on the Solid Components"
Magnetic Resonance Microscopy. Instrumentation and Applications in Engineering, Life Science and Energy Research 355-381 [2022]
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B.T.Leube, E.Salager, E.Chesneau, G.Rousse, H.Vezin, A.M.Abakumov, J-M.Tarascon
"The layered sodium titanium trichalcogenide Na2TiCh3 framework (Ch= S, Se): A rich crystal and electrochemical chemistry."
Chemistry of Materials 34 2382-2392 [2022]

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Ö.U.Kudu, T.Famprikis, S.Cretu, B.Porcheron, E.Salager, A.Demortiere, M.Courty, V.Viallet, T.L.Mercier, B.Fleutot, M.D.Braida, C.Masquelier
"Structural details in Li3PS4: variety in thiophosphate building blocks and correlation to ion transport"
Energy Storage Materials 44 168-179 [2022]
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C.E.Dutoit*, M.Tang, D.Gourier, J.M.Tarascon, H.Vezin*, E.Salager
"Monitoring metallic sub-micrometric lithium structures in Li-ion batteries by in situ electron paramagnetic resonance correlated spectroscopy and imaging"
Nature Communications 12 1410 [2021]

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B.T.Leube, C.Robert, D.Foix, B.Porcheron, R.Dedryvère, G.Rousse, E.Salager, P-E.Cabelguen, A.M.Abakumov, H.Vezin, M-L.Doublet, J-M.Tarascon
"Activation of anionic redox in d0 transition metal chalcogenides by anion doping"
Nature Communications 12 5485 [2021]

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D.Kubicki, D.Prochowicz, E.Salager, A.Rakhmatullin, C.Grey, L.Emsley, S.D.Stranks
"Local structure and dynamics in methylammonium, formamidinium and cesium tin(II) mixed−halide perovskites from 119Sn solid−state NMR"
Journal of American Chemical Society 142 7813-7826 [2020]

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N.Dubouis, A.Serva, R.Berthin, G.Jeanmairet, B.Porcheron, E.Salager, M.Salanne, A.Grimaud
"Tuning water reduction through controlled nanoconfinement within an organic liquid matrix"
Nature Catalysis 3 656–663 [2020]