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  Elodie Salager
Chargé de Recherche
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Site Haute Température
CS 90055
1D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique
45071 Orléans cedex 2 - FRANCE
fax : +33 (0) 238 63 81 03
tel : +33 (0) 238 25 55 12
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T.Bamine, E.Boivin, C.Masquelier, L.Croguennec, E.Salager and D.Carlier
"Local atomic and electronic structure in the LiVPO4(F,O) Tavorite-type materials from Solid State NMR combined with DFT calculations"
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 58 1109-1117 2020
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Nicolas Dubouis, Alessandra Serva, Roxanne Berthin, Guillaume Jeanmairet, Benjamin Porcheron, Elodie Salager, Mathieu Salanne, Alexis Grimaud
"Tuning water reduction through controlled nanoconfinement within an organic liquid matrix"
Nature Catalysis 3 656–663 2020

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Tahya Bamine, Edouard Boivin, Christian Masquelier, Laurence Croguennec, Elodie Salager, Dany Carlier
"Local atomic and electronic structure in the LiVPO4(F,O) tavorite-type materials from solid-state NMR combined with DFT calculations"
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry ASAP 2020
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D.Kubicki, D.Prochowicz, E.Salager, A.Rakhmatullin, C.Grey, L.Emsley
"Local structure and dynamics in methylammonium, formamidinium and cesium tin(II) mixed−halide perovskites from 119Sn solid−state NMR"
Journal of American Chemical Society 142 7813-7826 2020

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G.Oukali, E.Salager, M.R.Ammar, C.E.Dutoit, V.Sarou-Kanian, Patrice Simon, E.Raymundo-Pinero, M.Deschamps
"In Situ Magnetic Resonance Imaging of a Complete Supercapacitor Giving Additional Insight on the Role of Nanopore"
ACS Nano 13 12810-12815 2019

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R.Le Ruyet, R.Berthelot, E.Salager, P.Florian, B.Fleutot, R.Janot
"Investigation of Mg(BH4)(NH2)-Based Composite Materials with Enhanced Mg2+ Ionic Conductivity"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 10756-10763 2019

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A.Perez, R.Beer, Z.Lin, E.Salager, P-L.Taberna, A.Abakumov, P.Simon, J-M.Tarascon
"Proton ion exchange reaction in Li3IrO4: a way to new H3+xIrO4 phases electrochemically active in both aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes"
Advanced Energy Materials 8 1702855 2018

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N.Dubouis, A.Serva, E.Salager, M.Deschamps, M.Salanne, A.Grimaud
"The Fate of Water at the Electrochemical Interfaces: Electrochemical Behavior of Free Water vs. Coordinating Water"
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (23) 6683–6688 2018

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N.Dubouis, P.Lemaire, B.Mirvaux, E.Salager, M.Deschamps, A.Grimaud
"The role of hydrogen evolution reaction on the solid electrolyte interphase formation mechanism for “Water-in-Salt” electrolytes"
Energy & Environmental Science 11 3491-3499 2018

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L.T.Zhang, D.Dambournet, A.Iadecola, D.Batuk, O.J.Borkiewicz, K.M.Wiaderek, E.Salager, M.H.Shao, G.H.Chen, J.M.Tarascon
"Origin of the High Capacity Manganese-Based Oxyfluoride Electrodes for Rechargeable Batteries"
Chemistry of Materials 30 5362-5372 2018